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This article covers the mission. For the application, see Coonstagram (App).

Coonstagram is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Now that you're an official member of Coon and Friends, head out and gain some followers on Coonstagram to increase your franchise's popularity.


Your first task as a Coon Friend is to increase your Coonstagram follower count. Before leaving the Coon Lair, check out the Coon Gift shop. Here, you can purchase and sell items.

Now you can leave out the front door, which was previously blocked by lava. Head outside and use 'LT' (Xbox)/'R' (PC)/'L2' (PS4) to activate Inspection Mode. People with a camera icon above their head will take a Selfie with you. Take a Selfie with Mrs. Farnickle.

Note: You can go ahead and enter Butters' house to loot it and use the Toilet. Completing these, and doing well, will help increase your Hero Rank.

Continue to the left outside. You will see the Postman struggling with the mailbox. Punch it to get it open, then take a Selfie with the Postman.

With both the Postman and Mrs. Farnickle following you now, many of the kids on this street will now agree to take a Selfie with you. Once you have 4 followers, continue to the right to the next street over to do the next mission, Alternate Universes Collide. Remember to take selfies with other kids though, as they are all missable in the game except for Kevin Stoley.


  • Coonstagram is a literal parody of Instagram.
  • All the kids left to clean the street are Moor fighters, not a single KKK member was there to do anything.
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