Coon and Friends is a superhero union that first appears in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

The original team first appeared in Coon 2: Hindsight. The Coon, Human Kite, Mosquito, Fastpass, and Super Craig try to rid the world of evil... and any of the Freedom Pals. Not long after the "civil war" split, they decided to keep their franchise alive, seeking out help from Captain Diabetes.



The Coon (Eric Cartman)

The Coon

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When night falls in South Park, Eric Cartman takes up the call and dons the Coon costume. This fearless crime fighter is the only one who can sort through the trash can of society. As the founder of Coon and Friends, the Coon is the mastermind behind the greatest superhero franchise of all time and will stop at nothing to see it realised.

Human Kite (Kyle Broflovski)

Human Kite

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From high above the battlefield the Human Kite, alias Kyle Broflovski, swoops into action striking fear into evil-doers everywhere. Blasting away his foes at range while supporting his fellow Coon Friends, the Human Kite is a powerful ally to have on your superhero team.

Mosquito (Clyde Donovan)


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Bzz! Bzz! Bzz! That's that sound of justice when served by Mosquito. When Mosquito enters the fray, enemies are quickly drained of their will to fight...and blood. Behind closed doors, this insect-human hybrid superhero is better known as 4th grader Clyde Donovan.

Fastpass (Jimmy Valmer)


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Lightning quick in battle and in wit, Jimmy Valmer adopts the persona of Fastpass to fight crime. Fastpass uses super speed to blindside his opponents. When he's not fighting side by side with the New Kid, Fastpass helps citizens travel quickly throughout South Park with his Fast Travel stations.

Super Craig (Craig Tucker)

Super Craig

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Charging into battle, Super Craig uses super strength and a powerful sense of indifference to defeat evil. Accompanied by his guinea pig, Stripe, he is a proud member of Coon and Friends. Hidden behind his Super Shirt, Super Craig is actually Craig Tucker, local 4th grader.

Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson)

Captain Diabetes

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Scott Malkinson could've been an ordinary child, but in a freak accident his mom farted on him during childbirth which gave him diabetes. Rather than dwelling on his misfortune, Captain Diabetes wields his sugary illness as a source of power that his enemies cannot overcome.


Entrance to Coon Lair.

Named as the Coon Lair, the headquarters of Coon and Friends is located at the basement of Cartman Residence.

The entrance to the Coon Lair is passcode protected, which is changed each day in-game. The first passcode for the Coon Lair is obtained inside Cartman's Journal in his bedroom from the mission Origins.

The passcodes to enter the Coon Lair are as below:

  • 307 (FUCK YOU MOM) - On Day 1 (Sunday) in-game.
  • 136 (GET SCRAMBLES FAST) - On Day 2 (Monday) in-game.
  • 529 (NO GIRLS ALLOWED) - On Day 3 (Tuesday) in-game.
  • 561 (RETRIBUTION WITH INCLUSION) - On Day 4 (Wednesday) and onward in-game.


  • Fastpass is heavily based on DC Comics' The Flash.
  • Super Craig's name is based on DC Comics' Super Man.
  • In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, themed music tracks will play depending on the team/area. Coon and Friends' music is inspired by Marvel's Avengers franchise.
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