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  • The members of Coon and Friends are shown to be Cartman, Clyde, Bradley, Token, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Timmy. While the Coon is obviously Cartman, only a handful of the others can be officially revealed who they are by distinct features and characteristics they have.
    • TupperWear = Token (He is the only black superhero there. He has a "T" on his belt, which could stand for "TupperWear" or "Token")
    • Toolshed = Stan (His raven black hair distinguishes him from the rest and the fact that Randy wonders where his tools are when in the next scene, Stan is shown having Randy's tools on his belt).
    • Iron Maiden = Timmy (He not only yells "Timmeh!" but he also is in a wheelchair)
    • Mint-Berry Crunch = Bradley (His hair style and voice is the same.)
  • Mint-Berry Crunch's costume is a homage to the inhabitants of the planet Cheron from Star Trek.
  • This episode is preceded by "The Coon."
  • The episode had the working title: "Coon 2: Rise of Captain Hindsight."
  • The end of this episode gives hints towards a second part of this story.
  • Willzyx and Tom Cruise are shown once again when DP plans to drill a hole on the moon.
  • This is the first time Bradley Biggle appears as part of the boy's extended gang.
  • This is also the first episode Bradley has a major role, speaking more than one line.

Pop Culture References

  • The hole to another dimension causing creatures to attack the world may be a reference to the Stephen King short story and film "The Mist".
  • Near the end of the episode, H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu arrives on earth, and what appears to be an Elder Thing and a Mi-Go, two other Lovecraft Characters from another dimension arrive on earth and begin to attack humans.
  • The scene in which Cartman puts Mosquito and Mint-Berry Crunch in their place is a parody of a scene from A Clockwork Orange.
  • "Coon" is also a common racial slur against African Americans.


  • When Kenny's Parents walk out of their room after hearing the Coon and Friends alert, there is a poster on one of their doors, but it disappears after it zooms in on the Coon and Friends alarm.
  • When Cartman's telling Toolshed to run a perimeter check with Iron Maiden, Mosquito is in front of Toolshed and Iron Maiden, but after Timmy says his name, Mosquito is in between the two.
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