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"Coon 2: Hindsight"
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Episode no. Season 14
Episode 11
Production no. 1411
Original airdate October 27, 2010
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"Coon 2: Hindsight" is the eleventh episode of Season Fourteen, and the 206th overall episode of South Park. It originally aired on October 27, 2010.[1]


"Coon and Friends" set out to help the victims of BP's latest catastrophic drilling accident in the Gulf. Much to the Coon's dismay, another Super Hero gets there first.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The Coon now leads an entire team of crime-fighters, which includes Mysterion, Toolshed, Iron Maiden, Tupperware, Mosquito, Mintberry Crunch, and Human Kite, although Cartman is intent on taking all the glory, seen as the group is called Coon and Friends, something the group automatically questions first. A fire breaks out in a local apartment building, and Cartman gets his mother to drive them over. Before they can take any action, though, Captain Hindsight, a renowned hero, arrives at the burning hotel, to a standing ovation, although all he does is point out the flaws on how the building was constructed and positioned. People are thereafter all relieved and promptly abandon the burning building, and 14 people subsequently die. In the aftermath, Cartman concludes that they will need to get Captain Hindsight to join them in order to regain what he believes to be their "former glory." He fails, however, and is forced to turn to his old trick of using Butters, who is currently held prisoner for his misdeeds as Professor Chaos, to frame him.

At the same time, a BP drilling vessel, consisting of an entire British crew, goes to drill a new hole in the Gulf, only to accidentally cause another leak, prompting one of the crewmen to exclaim "Oh, don't tell me we did it again!" The CEO of the company, Tony Hayward, immediately issues a "we're sorry" campaign to try and rectify the situation, going as far as changing the company name from "Beyond Petroleum" to "Dependable Petroleum" (DP). The problem soon escalates, though, when the now-renamed DP accidentally drill through a portal to another dimension, causing the entire gulf to be attacked by enormous alien creatures. Hayward determines that they will need to drill on the Moon, thereby changing the gravitational pull on the Earth and quelling the swells on the ocean, which will allow them to place a cap on the dimensional vortex. Unfortunately, in the act of doing this, they inadvertently release Cthulhu, creating an even more serious problem than the aliens.

Meanwhile, dissidence develops within the ranks of Coon and Friends when Cartman focuses too much on trying to resolve Captain Hindsight and explicitly states that he has no care for the people suffering from the BP spill, which conflicts with the interests of the rest of the group. After Mysterion insists on a vote, Cartman is reluctantly forced to go with Mosquito's idea of setting up a fund-raising event in order to help the victims of the BP crisis. However, Cartman has a change of heart, though, in his delusional mind, he claims that something must clearly be wrong with the others and beats up Mosquito and Mintberry Crunch to regain control (mimicking a scene from Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange). As a result, the group revolts and unanimously votes the Coon out of Coon and Friends. Cartman threatens to tell his mother since they use his basement as an HQ, but Ms. Cartman had already been consulted. As a result, Cartman is grounded for use of bad language and beating up his friends. With Cartman no longer in control, the Friends go to fight Cthulhu themselves.

Cartman, stuck in his room, begins to think his way through the situation. Rather than take responsibility for his early misbehavior, Cartman again assumes that the problems and fault lie in his friends, claiming that the only reason they kicked him out of the club was that they somehow turned evil. Vowing to "save the day" he eventually jumps from his bedroom window, yelling, "ASSHOLES!"


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