The Colorado State Capitol houses the Colorado General Assembly, as well the offices of the Governor of Colorado. It was first featured in Season Six episode "Free Hat".


In "Free Hat", some members of the Free Hat club attempted to convince the state governor to pardon Hat McCullough, breaking out in a "fresh island song".

Following the flooding of Beaverton in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", Randy Marsh met up with fellow geologists to brief them on Global Warming, and the tests that were being conducted to determine the date of arrival. When the scientists announced the results of the test, all of the geologists went into panic.

In "Follow That Egg!", Mrs. Garrison meets up with Bill Owens to convince the Governor to veto the bill on same-sex marriage. The Governor, however, eventually signed the bill after seeing that Stan Marsh managed to keep his egg from a school project intact, proving that gay families are capable of raising a child.

In "Eat, Pray, Queef", the South Park residents testify in a case of Butters Stotch being queefed on by Samantha Dunskin.

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