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Colonel Harland Sanders was the creator and owner of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast-food franchise. He appeared in the episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken", although his fast-food restaurants are mentioned in three previous episodes.


As founder and owner of the KFC company, Colonel Sanders was not pleased to discover that his fast-food restaurants were outlawed as a result of a new Colorado State law that forbade the KFC stores to sell their product in low-income areas. As a result, all the KFCs in Colorado were shut down and replaced with medicinal marijuana stores for the ill, and the Colonel began taking a page out of the book of drug dealers and using assorted means, shipping his products illegally into Colorado.

He initially worked with a boy named Billy Miller and met with Billy's representatives Tommy and Eric Cartman. The Colonel took an immediate liking to Cartman because he saw no 'lie' in his eyes. Tommy on the other hand was not as fortunate, and was apparently working secretly for the "Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver, and was killed by hanging him from a helicopter. The Colonel then agreed to do business with Cartman's organization under the sole-rule that Cartman NEVER "fuck with him".

Cartman later took over the South Park cartel and was also given the task of assassinating James Oliver from attending a United Nations meeting. Unfortunately, due to his addiction to KFC, Cartman refuses to distribute any more of the products to anyone else, ignoring the Colonel's orders of killing Jamie Oliver. Furious at Cartman's failure, the Colonel ordered a hit against Cartman and his KFC trafficking group. Unfortunately, his men met opposition with the police, and Cartman escaped death. Despite being unable to kill Cartman, the Colonel regained his fast-food foothold in Colorado when KFC was legalized once again.


Colonel Sanders wears his characteristic white linen suit and black string bow tie. He has white hair and white facial hair. He wears black glasses, black shoes, and walks with a black cane featuring a metal handle. He is also visibly aged.


  • The real-life Colonel Sanders has actually been deceased since 1980.
  • Corbin, Kentucky (where Cartman goes to visit the Colonel) is indeed the location where Harland Sanders originally started the KFC food chain from his old service station. In the episode, however, the location resembles a coca plantation in a South American jungle.
  • The colonel's role in this episode parallels the role of Alejandro Sosa from the film Scarface.
  • Colonel Sanders is one of the very few people Cartman has respect for.



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