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Episode no. Season 2
Episode 12
Production no. 212
Original airdate September 23, 1998
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"Clubhouses" is the twelfth episode of Season Two, and the 25th overall episode of South Park. It first aired on September 23, 1998.[1]


Stan and Kyle are psyched to have Wendy and Bebe visit their clubhouse for a game of Truth or Dare, but first they have to build one.[1]


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At the school playground, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are playing "Americans vs Bosnians", quitting after they find out that Cartman is cheating. Leaving Cartman to play by himself, Stan and Kyle meet Wendy who tells Stan to build a clubhouse so they can play Truth or Dare and to hook Kyle up with Bebe.

At Stan's house, Stan enlists the help of Randy to build his clubhouse. Stan finds Randy watching Terrance and Phillip on television. Sharon thinks Stan is the one watching Terrance and Phillip and makes him switch to watching The Fat Abbott Show (which, unbeknownst to Sharon, is equally vulgar.) Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sharon drops her wedding ring down the sink and demands that Randy gets it out. After a small argument, Randy accidentally calls her a cunt, and Sharon leaves mad.

At school, Bebe hints her liking for Kyle by passing a note. Stan is caught with it by Mr. Garrison and is forced to read it out loud to the class. Not realizing the note was from Bebe, the class is shocked to hear Stan's "attraction" to Kyle. Stan is then sent to Mr. Mackey who calls in his parents. This causes Randy and Sharon to inadvertently argue with each other and they finally end up separating.

After discovering Stan and Kyle's clubhouse, Cartman and Kenny decide to make their own clubhouse - "The Ewok Village 2000".

At Marsh Residence, Sharon introduces Stan to her new partner Roy. Stan is shocked at the unusual turn of events but goes back to building the clubhouse. Unfortunately, Stan is delayed by having to spend quality time with Randy and having to get firewood for Roy.

Meanwhile, Cartman and Kenny's clubhouse is complete, and Kenny gets two teenage girls to stay there. The girls then invite all their friends over and the party goes out of hand. Cartman becomes extremely agitated when the teenage girls refused to play Truth of Dare; he is even more horrified witnessing Kenny being trampled to death by the teens in a mosh pit.

Stan and Kyle finally finish their clubhouse. Chef advises them to play truth a few times and finally play dare later. Kyle is dared to kiss Bebe. When Bebe kisses him on the lips, Kyle screams in horror and runs away.

After Roy being an extreme nuisance, Stan watches a Fat Abbott cartoon and discovers that to get back at nuisance step-fathers you should leave a note to meet them somewhere and lay down a bear trap.

Roy reads the note and goes to the clubhouse to meet Stan but is caught in the trap. Sharon and Randy also read the note but go to the clubhouse. It reminds them of when they were kids playing Truth or Dare. Sharon dares Randy to have sex with her and they make up.

The next day at school, Bebe tells Kyle that she wants to break up to be with Clyde. Later Wendy, Bebe, Clyde, and Stan are inside the clubhouse playing Truth or Dare. Stan chooses dare and instead of getting to kiss Wendy, he has to shove a twig up his "pee hole". Roy is left hanging during the credits roll.


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