Cliff Barackman is a recurring citizen of South Park. He's based upon "Finding Bigfoot"'s real person with this name,[1] and was first seen in "Jewpacabra" as part of the Bigfoot Researchers of town. In his debut he was voiced by Trey Parker, in his next appearance he was briefly voiced in a grunt by Matt Stone in the end of "A Song of Ass and Fire".


He's a Caucasian male designed to look in his 60s (while his real-life-self is much younger) who has a widow's peak and a thin mustache, who sports a long goatee. While in his debut, he doesn't wear a hat. In his later appearances he's shown wearing a dark blue cap, alongside his usual attire consisted of a white shirt under a dark blue coat, light beige pleated trousers and brown boots with light grey cover to the toes.

He bears much resemblance to James Cameron's design.



  • The real-life Cliff Barackman was born and raised in Long Beach, California, and is much younger than his South Park depiction as an elderly male, he just greyed prematurely.
  • He is the only one of the Bigfoot researchers to appear in cameos beyond his debut.
  • Cliff Barackman commented on a South Park Tweet on Twitter that it was a great honor to be a character in South Park.[2]


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