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Classi is a prostitute-for-hire. She made her first appearance in the Season Nineteen episode, "PC Principal Final Justice" as Nathan's girlfriend.


Not much is known about Classi, other than her occupation. She does seem to be known by others, as Randy recognizes her at the gun show. According to her, her name is written with "an I, and a little dick that hangs off the C that bends around and fucks the L out of ASS"; CLASS-I. She seems rich, as to owning an expensive "CLASS-I-Mobile".


Classi is dark-skinned and has a black/auburn Afro hair. She wears makeup, hoop earrings, golden bracelets, a low cut leopard-printed tank top, a denim miniskirt, and black strapped shoes. When seen from behind, part of her buttocks are exposed. She is also shown with a yellow belly button piercing.


Classi is dedicated to whomever pays her. She was Nathan's girlfriend, until he slapped her and told her to shut up, similarly to how he would treat Mimsy. She has strength as well, as she easily beats up Nathan during the breakup. But she is compassionate, as she unties Jimmy and takes him to the gun show.



In "PC Principal Final Justice", Nathan hired her to be his girlfriend with the money he received from helping Leslie and the ads. Their relationship ended abruptly after she was slapped by him in a similar way to Mimsy, for which she violently assaulted him.


She does not have much of a relationship with Jimmy at first. However, after Nathan slaps her, she goes on to help Jimmy stop the advertisements. She teams up with him and Officer Barbrady at the gun show, in order to alert Kyle about Leslie.

Video Games

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

During The Bowels of the Beast mission, Captain Diabetes and the New Kid try to chase after Classi in the Peppermint Hippo. After fighting past other Strippers, chefs of Buca De Faggoncini and Red Wine Drunk Randy, Classi was finally surrounded by the Coon and Friends who then asked her of the missing cat Scrambles for its reward money. Initially reluctant to give them the information, but after the New Kid delivers her medication, she finally reveals that the missing cats are being hidden in U-STOR-IT.

Later in The Thin White Line mission, she was almost fed to the elder god Shub-Niggurath, being rescued just in time by the superheroes. Following the events in Park County Police Station, she thanked the New Kid and offered to help them in combat, unlocking a Summon.

South Park: Phone Destroyer



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