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For the 5th grader, see Clark.

Clark Malkinson is the father of Scott Malkinson who appears on Season Twenty-Three episode, "Basic Cable".


Scott asks Clark if he can get Disney+ at the breakfast table. However, he refuses as he believes cable is enough, and streaming services are going straight to hell. He is called on when the Stotch family has issues with their cable and is warned that they are losing customers because of their slow service, but Clark still procrastinates, going shopping and bowling before getting to the Stotch house. Stephen then says that they should get streaming services and Clark hits back, saying that streaming is destroying the town.

Scott then returns home after a day of school and tells his parents about his girlfriend, and says they need to get Disney+. Clark once again refuses, and, after mocking his son, calls up the other cable workers to arrange a meeting about the streaming services. Most of the cable workers arrive late, angering Clark. Clark then explains they were the ones who laid the cables for the companies and they should take them out. The group then split up to collect the parts, but procrastinate again instead of getting the parts, once again angering Clark.

Later on, as Scott and his friend, Sophie just starts to watch The Mandalorian, Disney+ goes down just as he starts it, thanks to Clark and the other cable workers taking the cables out. However, when streaming rights are available in the town, the group turns up, only realizing its too late.


Clark has brown hair with a hairstyle, a mustache and a brown beard, some freckles on his cheeks, and is slightly overweight. Clark is only seen wearing a gray work uniform with a toolbelt.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, he has balding, graying brown hair, a gray mustache, and unshaven beard. He wears a white undershirt, blue shorts, and black slippers with white socks. He also retains his toolbelt.


Scott Malkinson[]

Scott is the son of Clark. They do not seem to have a good relationship. He was first mentioned in "Skank Hunt" when Scott explained to Mr. Mackey that his dad doubted he would really be able to quit Twitter as he was threatening. This was also shown in "Basic Cable", where Clark rejects Scott's request for a Disney+ subscription. They get into an argument, leading to Clark mocking Scott by saying "My name is Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes", in the same manner as Eric Cartman.

Ellen Malkinson[]

She is Clark's wife. Not much is known about their relationship. Clark has shown to have a better relationship with his wife than with his son. In "South ParQ Vaccination Special", they are seen arguing over whether they should let their son go to school.




  • Unlike the models of most other children's parents, who are reused adult background models, Clark and his wife have unique character models.
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