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For the 5th grader, see Clark.

Clark Malkinson is the father of Scott Malkinson who appeared on Season 23 episode, "Basic Cable".


Clark has brown hair with a hairstyle, a mustache and a brown beard, some freckles on his cheeks and is slightly overweight. Clark is only seen wearing a gray work uniform.


Scott Malkinson

Scott is the son of Clark. They don't seem to have a good relationship, as Clark was seen mocking Scott and imitating him in one scene and still mocking him by saying "My name is Scott Malkinson and I have diabetes". At the beginning of the episode When Clark left home to go to work, Scott called him "Asshole".

Mrs. Malkinson

She is Clark's wife. Not much is known about their relationship. Clark has shown to have a better relationship with his wife than with his son.


  • Unlike the models of most other children's parents, who are reused adult background models, Clark and his wife have unique character models.
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