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This page contains trivia for "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • In one flashback, where the Fonz jumps several buses with his motorcycle, Cartman recalls Kenny dying. However, Stan and Kyle object, stating that Kenny couldn't have died then because he just got eaten by the monster, a reference to Kenny dying in almost every episode.
  • Throughout the episode, Ms. Crabtree ingests a large number of date-rape drugs (mistaking them for aspirin one time) given to her by the trucker. However, due to her insanity, the drugs don't knock her out but instead make her more calm.
  • While he dies in Stan's dream, Kenny actually survives this episode.
  • Craig Tucker appears to die (when the bus tilts, he can't hang on and falls out the window screaming) but, like Kenny, survives in real life.
  • In Cartman's flashback of his father's identity, he remembers it as being John Elway. Due to this being Stan's dream, John Elway could have in fact been Stan's guess at who Cartman's father was. This was also the only memory to be correct, though Cartman gets it wrong.
  • In the first flashback, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", the actual episode clip is shown, then characters are shown in their current, computer animated forms, as opposed to their original, construction paper forms.
  • This is the first episode where Ms. Crabtree smiles and acts very calm.
  • Fourth wall break: When Ms. Crabtree is telling the kids she is going to get help, Cartman looks towards the camera, smiles and waves.
  • This is the first time Ms. Crabtree swears.
  • In the new HD remastered airings of this episode, all the flashback scenes are presented in standard definition, except with a blurry filter. The same thing was done with Wendy's flashbacks of Stan in the HD version of "Tom's Rhinoplasty".
  • This was the first episode that is mostly a dream.
  • An elderly woman who resembles Mrs. Stevens is briefly seen in this episode.
  • In the HD remastered airings of this episode, when the trucker looks down at Ms. Crabtree's legs, saxophone music can be heard playing.
  • It is shown that Stan wears his coat when he sleeps. However, starting in "Spookyfish", he wears pajamas to bed.

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode is named after an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series episode of the same name. It originally aired April 6, 1967. In that episode, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy are transported through time to New York circa the 1930s where McCoy saves the life of Edith Keeler (Joan Collins), a woman of that era who is destined to die, and in doing so changes history so that the Nazis win World War II (Keeler started a pacifist movement which kept the US out of the war long enough for Germany to develop nuclear weapons first). Kirk and Spock, following him back, rectify the change in the timeline by allowing Keeler to die, but only after Kirk has fallen in love with her.
  • Another nod to Star Trek is that one of the children on the bus is dressed up like a "redshirt". In the original Star Trek, the so-called "red shirts" are low ranking Starfleet officers. A cliché of the series usually involved a red shirt getting killed while on a mission with Kirk and other members of the Enterprise crew. While most redshirts who died were Lieutenants or lower rank, the rank stripes show the redshirt on the bus to be a Commander.
  • To cover up for insulting Ms. Crabtree, Kyle states "Larry King won't grant me three wishes." Larry King is best known for his long running television show Larry King Live which ran on CNN from Summer 1985 to Fall 2010.
  • The trucker who picks up Ms. Crabtree transports Roofies. Flunitrazepam is a psychoactive drug that is commonly referred to as the "date rape drug", as mixing it with alcohol causes a victim to become immobilized and causes lapses in memory.
  • During the flashback of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe": When seeing Cartman farting fire, Wendy says that he's "just like Rudolph!", referring to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the popular Christmas character that had a nose that would shine red light.
  • The name of the comedy club that Ms. Crabtree and the trucker pull up to is called "Pauly Shore's Funny Pit". While no such location exists, Pauly Shore does. He was an MTV VJ during the late 80s and early 90s and starred in movies such as Bio-Dome.
  • The comedian on stage is called Carrot Ass, a reference to Carrot Top, a stand-up comedian who is panned frequently for not being all that funny. He does a bad impression of Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro.
  • The talent scout who hires Ms. Crabtree says they haven't seen anyone that funny since Maury Povich. Maury Povich is in reality a day-time-talk show host best known for his television series, Maury.
  • Cartman is upset that he is missing the new Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island is a series which originally ran from 1977 to 1984. However, there was a short-lived remake in 1998 at the same time this episode aired.
  • In the flashback to the episode Volcano, Skuzzlebutt has Brent Musberger for a leg. Musberger is a well known NFL sports commentator.
  • In the flashback to Weight Gain 4000: Kathie Lee Gifford makes an appearance. In this recollection, she is driving in a bullet proof dome, which is a parody of the Pope Mobile.
  • Ms. Crabtree appears on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guest who is announced as "washed up sit-com actress" looks remarkably like actress Brooke Shields.
  • Of all the missing children appearing on posters around South Park, one of them features actor Macaulay Culkin, circa 1990. Culkin at the height of his popularity was best known for his role in the Home Alone films. His inclusion among the missing children is likely a reference to the fact that he disappeared from the lime light in 1994. He would resurface and resume his acting career circa 2000 onward.
  • The boys recollect being present when the Fonz jumped over a number of parked bikes on his motorcycle. This is in reference to the television series Happy Days. It is a cliché of that series that the character the Fonz would jump over things on his motorcycle. In the episode "Hollywood Part 2", which featured the Fonz jumping over a shark on water-skis, this stunt coined the phrase Jumping the shark.
  • Cartman further gets upset for missing the new Barnaby Jones. Barnaby Jones was a detective series that ran from 1973-1980.
  • The song that the parents sing is notably a parody of the 1985 song We Are the World, a charity song that was an attempt to raise money for Africa.
  • In Cartman's recollection of "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut", he believes that John Elway, a former member of the Denver Broncos, is his father.
  • The ending sequence where the entire episode turns out to be a dream is a common television cliché. The most notorious offender of this was the television series Dallas, which ended their 8th Season by revealing the entire year was just a dream.
  • The bus breaks apart on the edge of the cliff in the same manner as the ship RMS Titanic

Clips Used

Episode name How it was "remembered" What actually happened
"Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" After Cartman farts flames several times, while tied up to a tree, an ice cream truck is produced from his ass. When the others told Cartman of this he replied, that they can´t scare him. The visitors appeared and were seen buying ice-cream. Stan kisses Wendy without vomiting on her. After Cartman farts flames several times, while tied up to a tree, an 80-foot satellite dish protrudes from his butt. Wendy and Stan are also about to make out but Stan throws up at the last minute all over Wendy.
"Weight Gain 4000" Mr. Garrison claims Kathie Lee Gifford is an alien, he shoots her, and it turns out she was an alien. Stan and Wendy start to make out without vomiting, and Cartman is muscular. Then they make a party and everybody gets ice-cream for free (possibly the most radical of the bizarre memories) the monster outside the bus can't be Mr. Garrison, since it hasn't used a gun. Mr. Garrison is jealous of Kathy Lee and attempts to assassinate her, he fails to kill her (but manages to kill Kenny by mistake). Kathy Lee runs away, and Cartman was a huge blob of fat, since the muscle making food did not work.
"City on the Edge of Forever" The monster tore open the bus, but gave ice-cream to the children. The monster tore open the bus, abducted Kenny, then ate him.
"Volcano" The boys were trapped by lava and Scuzzlebutt appears revealing one of his legs to be Brent Musburger. Then he makes Ice cream and gives it to everyone.

Scuzzlebutt is not the monster outside the bus because he is nice (and dead, in the actual episode)

The boys were trapped by lava and Scuzzlebutt appears, revealing one of his legs being Patrick Duffy. He weaves a wicker basket and saves them.
"Death" In South Park, while chasing the boys on a tricycle, followed by Stan's Grandpa, Death tries to touch Kenny, but Kenny grabs him and throws him to the floor to jump on his body. Kyle then said "Oh my god Kenny killed death." "You bastard?", said by Stan and Kyle respectively. Then Kenny eats some ice cream out of Death's robe. The monster outside can't be the Death, since Death only touches a person to kill them, but doesn't eat your body. In South Park, while chasing the boys, Death stops at the window of a TV store and watches an episode of Terrance and Philip. The boys join him in watching until the announcement of its cancellation. Then he kills Kenny by touching him.
"Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" Mephesto gathers with everyone in the emergency room to finally reveal Eric Cartman's father. The answer: Footballer John Elway. Cartman is very happy with this, especially when John asks him to eat ice-cream with him. This is the only flashback recognized as false, by the kids (besides Kenny's death) since Kyle says Eric's Dad was his Mom, which makes Cartman angry, so he walks over to beat him up, but his weight causes the bus to fall over the cliff. Mephesto gathers with everyone in the emergency room to finally reveal Eric Cartman's father. The answer: Mrs. Cartman, since she is a hermaphrodite. However, in the episode "201", it is revealed that Cartman's dad actually is a Denver Bronco. However, it's Jack Tenorman, not John Elway.


  • Clips of the exterior of the shaking bus were often reused when the bus shook. So, after Kenny died in the episode, Kenny is mysteriously seen again through the window. He is also seen again when the bus falls into the ice cream bucket at the bottom of the canyon, even though he already died.
  • The scene mysteriously changes from morning to night after the bus shakes before plummeting off of the cliff.
  • When Kyle asks where they are at the beginning of the episode, he and Stan are next to each other, but in the next clip, the two are at two different windows, separated by another kid. This can be explained by them going to windows to see what was outside.
  • In the flashback where the Big Scary Monster serves ice cream, the Boy with Red Shirt can be seen behind Kenny even though he was eaten several seconds prior.
  • The occupancy of the left seat in the front row of the bus inconsistently changes; in the beginning, Craig is shown on the seat, but in another shot Butters and Brimmy occupy the seat.
  • Wendy's hat can be seen at one point, despite not being seen on the bus at any other point.

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