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"City People"
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2503 Butterscartman
Episode no. Season 25
Episode 03
Production no. 2503
Original airdate February 16, 2022
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"City People" is the third episode of Season Twenty-Five, and the 312th overall episode of South Park. It aired on February 16, 2022.[1]


Cartman is furious with his mom when she tells him about her new job.[2]


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The rent on the Cartman Residence has risen as a result of a real estate boom in the town of South Park and hoping to help make ends meet, Liane Cartman seeks to become a realtor. When she comes home to share the news with her son Eric, he insists he is her job and complains furiously that she was not home when he arrived home from school. After she explains to him about real estate, Cartman visits the Stotch Residence and asks Butters to take photographs of him so he can become a real estate agent, declaring it "legal theft" and asking him not to tell anybody about the job. When Liane holds her first open house with City People from New York, who ask quick questions about bottled water, wi-fi, cortados, and Pilates, Cartman soon interrupts by trying to sell the same house to other City People, to which she insists he cannot show the same home to his frustration. Mayor McDaniels meanwhile presides over a meeting of the city's Chamber of Commerce who discuss the number of city people coming from urban areas, giving more profits to businesses and paying more taxes, and Tuong Lu Kim explain the benefits of city people bringing their clothes, ideas and lifestyles to town, and they are all optimistic for the town's future. Cartman, meanwhile, decides to combat his mother by showing the Tweak Residence to City People, interrupting the Tweaks at dinner and Grandma Tweak on the toilet. The South Park Realtors, meanwhile, are alarmed as they lose clients to the upstart South Park Realty Group, run by Cartman, attributing his success to his excellent photograph, taking new photos in response and snapping their actual backs in the process.

Cartman records commercials promoting Clyde's house, Craig's house, Wendy's house, and Kyle's house as spacious possible homes for city people and attracts a lot of attention, then calls his mother at her agency to gloat that he has clients who want to offer money for a home on Highgate Street, but Liane reminds him she has taken the job to keep their home and warns she may lose her job and their home. John Aspinal, the head realtor, sighs at the customers that they lost to Cartman's video, and are then surprised when a townsperson expresses an interest in moving away to escape the city people, heavily promoting the historic Aspen Park Hot Dog property. The former members of the Chamber of Commerce, meanwhile, realize the town is now overrun with too many city people outside City Wok and City Hall, and concerned they could destroy the economy after Lu Kim explains that city people are trying to get out of the city and will leave if there are too many city people nearby. Jimbo blames the realtors for this, and the Mayor instructs him to return to the gun store and get supplies so they can remind the realtors who really runs the town.

Cartman puts out water bottles, LaCroix, edamames, cortados, oat milk, and Acai as refreshments to invite an open house with the most lucrative property he has found -- the Black Residence, listing the house for $50 million dollars, and allowing all of the city people in to explore, when Liane drives up furiously and chases him into the home. Back at the Realtors' building, Jimbo, Lu Kim, Mr. Adler and Harriet Biggle arrive armed with rifles to assault the realtors, who have already been beaten near to death, when Aspinal explains that realtors are not supposed to do much and that South Park Realty Group upset the natural order and are currently showing a house. Liane and Cartman run upstairs and she insinuates that Cartman is scared and jealous her new job will take attention away from him and Cartman continues to insist he is only motivated by money when Jimbo and the commerce members begin shooting into the home, freaking out the city people as well as the Cartmans. Liane and Cartman continue to argue, with Cartman stating his ambition to be rich while Liane expresses concern his deals would not make it through escrow if he drives up the market, and finally gives in and offers to quit her job and always be ready with a meal when he comes from school. Cartman smiles, his demands having been met, and she surrenders to the shooters outside the damaged home, holding a white napkin and declaring she has quit, with the Realty Group going defunct as well. Now out of money, the Cartman family is forced to move into the Aspen Park Hot Dog with their possessions. Cartman expresses some optimism about the arrangement but his mind changes after receiving condiments instead of running water from the tap.



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