The City People are residents of South Park who are generally used as background characters. Although generally used as background characters, at least one of them has a line in most episodes.


City People first appeared in Season 1 episode "Weight Gain 4000" where they watch Kathie Lee Gifford coming to South Park, after that episode, they have started appearing in every episode since. Several of them were used as parents of background children (especially in the early seasons) such as Millie Larsen, Filmore Anderson, Heidi Turner (who already had several different parents), an unnamed 6th grader, Chad Handler and others.


During the early seasons the townspeople looked quite simple and generic, most of them were seen wearing differently colored jackets and black shoes. City People were redrawn in later episodes, where they now have several different head shapes instead of just a generic round head, and more detailed outfits. Their original appearance is rarely seen in current episodes.


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