City council meeting

City Council takes the place in City Hall, uses to have a council meeting, often in episodes with town issues.


Members Of City Council 

South Park's Councillor Status Notes
Mayor McDaniels Mayor of the Town She has two assistants
Gerald Broflovski City Attorney Lawyer
Randy Marsh Town's parks and Public grounds Geologist, back to work in "You Have 0 Friends"
Linda Stotch City Clerk/Treasurer Engineer
Jerome "Chef" McElroy Public Safety Chef, died (became Darth Chef) in "The Return of Chef", replaced by Glen
Glen Public Safety Shot by Randy in "Night of the Living Homeless"
Mr. Mackey Public Health School's counselor
Mrs. Testaburger City Planner Wendy's mom
Ryan Valmer Chief of Fire Department Jimmy's dad
Skeeter Hasn't been shown yet, appears 2 times Redneck
Officer Barbrady Police Department Seen only once in "Die Hippie, Die"
Unnamed scientist Homeless Advisor Appears only in "Night of the Living Homeless", shot himself
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