Company Operations

"The City Airlines" is a listed company run by enterpreuner Tuong Lu Kim(Dr Janus). Lu Kim runs the City Airlines inside the City Wok.

The flight prices and schedules provided by City Airlines are quite flexible and non fixed. There is no option to book online and clients usually call to the same number as City Wok. At that point Lu Kim flips a sign over so that instead of City Wok it now reads "City Airlines" and switches to a captain hat.


The airlines operate with a Cessna 432G, with both operator and air host to be Tuong Lu Kim. Cessna 432G is a non listed/official Chessna model though by the prefix it is implied that the release has taken place in mid 70s. Chessna 432G is a four seat plane including the pilot seat.

Rumors are that Lu Kim is using the Chessna to deliver offshore Kung Pao Chicken.

Plot involvment

When the children need to go to Canada asap to find Ike Broflovski (It's Christmas in Canada) they call to book the tickets. Lu Kim initially asks for 6500$, since "Four People, Canada, that's uh pretty far and cost rot of money (six thousand five hundred daura)" Kyle Broflovski negotiates starting from fifty daura. Lu Kim enraged asks for at reast three thousand daura and then Kyle suggests fifty five daura. Lu Kim articulates that he will not be frying his plane for less than a thousand daura. Kyle bids back on sixty daura and finally Lu Kim agrees on sixty two daura feeling ultimately satisfied on his negotiation skills.

The Children arrive on the landing location next day initially hesitating to onboard. Kenny McCormick particulary is afraid of dying. Eventually they onboard, the captain Lu Kim welcomes the children abroad to Shitty Airrines, advises them to wear the seat belts if any, and wishes a very Shitty fright.

Eventually the plane broke and started falling. The pilot thanked the children for chosing the Shitty Airlines, suggested them to reflect on their rife and pray, and then quickly opens a parashute and abandons the plane. The plane finally crashes on Canadian Land.

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