City Airlines is a company run by entrepreneur Tuong Lu Kim. Lu Kim runs the City Airlines inside the City Wok restaurant. It was featured in the Season Seven episode, "It's Christmas in Canada".


Kyle schedules a flight for himself and his friends to go to Canada and persuade Ike's Canadian birth parents to give his brother back. Tuong Lu Kim parachutes to safety while the boys crash on the Canadian border, a place satirizing the plot to the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

The Airplane

The airlines operate with a yellow Cessna 432G, with both operator and air host to be Tuong Lu Kim.[1]


The flight prices and schedules provided by City Airlines are quite flexible and not fixed. There is no option to book online and clients usually call to the same number as City Wok. At that point, Lu Kim flips a sign over so that instead of City Wok it now reads "City Airlines" and switches to a captain hat. The initial asking price was $6500 then $2000 and finally, Kyle negotiates him down to $62.00, meaning callers can lower the price to their limit.


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