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Cinderella is a fictional princess, created by The Walt Disney Company, based on the character from the classic fairy tale of the same name. She is the protagonist of the 1950s film Cinderella, its sequels, its 2015 live-action remake, and part of the Disney Princess lineup. She appears in the Season Eleven's Imaginationland trilogy.


Cinderella is a resident of Imaginationland among all the other fictional characters ever created. She survives the initial terrorist bombing of Imaginationland that occurs moments after Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Butters Stotch and Jimmy Valmer arrive at the location. She is taken hostage by the terrorist organization and is one of four fictional characters (along with a Care Bear, the Mayor of Imaginationland and Mr. Toad) bound and blindfolded, placed in front of the terrorist organization's flag for the terrorist broadcast video sent to the rest of the world. She is eventually let free and gathers with other survivors, including Butters. Cinderella and the rest of the group speculate what the terrorists are doing to Rockety Rocket before they realize that terrorist plans to blow up the wall separating the good characters of Imaginationland from the evil. After the terrorist succeeds, Cinderella notices the evil characters emerging from the blown-up barrier. The group of survivors scatters and flee and it is unknown what happened to Cinderella past this point. She is later nuked with the rest of Imaginationland but is soon after revived by Butters and is seen in the crowd, sharing imaginary versions of Kyle Broflovski sucking Eric Cartman's balls.


Cinderella's appearance is accurate to her look in the film. She is a young pale-skinned strawberry-blonde woman and wears a blue ballgown, with opera gloves, a blue band in her hair, a blue choker, diamond earrings, and has her hair pulled into a bun. Some noticeable differences from her film version are that her dress is in more vibrant color and her choker is blue instead of black. She is first seen roughed up by the terrorist attack, with dirt and a few cuts on her dress and she eventually loses one of her earrings. She is lightly bleeding from her nose and mouth, dripping on to her dress. When Cinderella is revived, she is seen in pristine condition.



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