Chuck E. Cheese is the mouse mascot of the Chuck E. Cheeses chain of American family restaurants, He appeared in the Season Twenty-One episode "Hummels & Heroin".


He appears at Marcus Preston's birthday party where Marcus and his party guests are shown having a good time. Marcus' parents hire a man donning a Chuck E. Cheese costume to come on stage to entertain him and his party guests. The man, under the influence of painkillers, performs poorly in front of the children, much to the disappointment of everyone except for Marcus. Only moments later the man violently vomits, collapses on stage, and dies. The children are left horrified, especially Marcus. Chuck E. Cheese is then carried away on a stretcher by the ambulance as Marcus promises to avenge him.


He is a man in a Chuck E. Cheese costume which consists of a red long sleeve shirt under a blue T-shirt with a big 'C' on it, dark blue jeans, and black shoes.

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