Christopher Wallace, also known by his stage name Biggie Smalls, appeared in the episode "Hell on Earth 2006", as a resident of Hell. As shown numerous times by Butters, he can be summoned by looking into a mirror and repeating his stage name three times.


When Butters summoned him out of curiosity, Wallace was infuriated because he couldn't attend Satan's party in Los Angeles. He forced Butters to take him to the party at gunpoint. However, while on a plane to Satan's party with Butters, he was delay to the party again when the boys summoned him. The boys take Wallace to the airport to resume his flight to the party but only to be suddenly summoned by Stan's father Randy. He chased Randy around his home until Butters (now outside the party) borrows a mirror and summons him. Wallace was so thankful that Butters had summoned him there that he invites Butters to the party. Butters obliges Wallace's invitation, saying, "Oh, what the heck I'm gonna get grounded anyway, might as well."


Wallace wore a white shirt, brown vest, black coat, black pants, and black shoes. He has an elongated head with short black hair and can typically be seen wielding a pistol.


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