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Christophe, also known as the Mole, is a bitter French nine year old with an expertise in covert operations and an intense hatred of God. He appeared in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Gregory told the boys to procure the Mole's help in saving Terrance and Phillip. The Mole helps the boys infiltrate the USO show, but the mission fails after Cartman forgets to shut down the base's security system. As a result, the Mole is fatally injured by a group of army attack dogs.

As the Mole died, he sang "The Mole's Reprise", while Kyle held him and softly eased him into death. At his moment of passing away, the Mole continued his pattern of hatred towards God. The Mole, like everyone else who died in the war, was presumably brought back to life after Kenny McCormick's wish to Satan.

The Mole made a brief cameo appearance in "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub", where he is seen on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, while Stan channel surfs.


The Mole has an unkempt appearance and carries a shovel with him on his back. He dresses in dark green and brown camouflage and wears fingerless gloves. The Mole has messy brown hair, a prematurely lined face, and prominent ears. He has bags under his eyes and thick eyebrows, and is usually seen smoking a cigarette.


The Mole smokes cigarettes, is foul-mouthed, and has an outspoken grudge against God, whom he blames for everything wrong with the world. The Mole displays a tough exterior and appears to have a jaded outlook, as well as being abrasive towards others. He also appears to be manic and emotionally unstable and expresses a hatred for guard dogs. His character is influenced by Grantaire from Les Misérables, just as Gregory is similar to Enjolras, although his song, "The Mole's Reprise" also parallels Éponine's "A Little Fall of Rain". Despite his abrasive personality, the Mole still has an immature side to him as shown where he is seen playing with a View-Master using them as binoculars.


The only family member to appear on-screen is his mother.

Christophe's Mother[]

The Mole does not appear to have a very good relationship with his mother. According to the Mole, she attempted an abortion by stabbing him in the heart with a clothes hanger while he was still in her womb. However, the Mole does appear to be intimidated by his mother as he still does as she says. His mother does not agree with his misotheism, often grounding him for saying bad things about God. She seems to dislike Christophe, but not enough to get rid of him or not care for him.



The Mole dies as Kyle tries to console him and the boys look on.

Kyle Broflovski[]

Kyle showed a certain amount of concern for the Mole's safety, advising him to be careful when infiltrating the USO show. Later on, as the Mole lay dying, Kyle attempted to give him solace, easing him into death. Notably, they also shared a short duet, "The Mole's Reprise".

Stan Marsh[]

Stan seemed to think that the Mole was a little crazy, saying to Kyle, "Damn, dude, that kid is fucked up." Earlier on, the Mole momentarily throttled Stan and interrogated him as to who sent them.

Eric Cartman[]

When the Mole instructed Cartman to turn off the alarms, he repeated it, implying that the Mole thinks Cartman is a bad listener. In that same minute, Cartman called him a "British piece of shit." When the Mole died, Cartman just watched on, and did not seem to show much concern. So, from all this, we can safely assume that the two have rivalry problems with each other, although that last backup could also be from Cartman's selfish and manipulative personality.


The Mole blames God for everything that is wrong with the world. Throughout the movie, the Mole refers to God as a "faggot" and "bitch". Upon his death he continues to loathe God but seems to believe his meeting with God is inevitable.


Although they never appear on-screen together in the final film, the Mole is implied to have had previous contact with Gregory, who personally recommended the boys procure his help in the upcoming operation to free Terrance and Phillip.

In the official eighth draft for the movie, Gregory introduces Christophe to the others with Christophe digging underneath the ground similar to how Bugs Bunny would. Gregory tells everybody about the things the Mole does, with The Mole responding negatively to most of what's said. However, this part was cut out, and we see Stan, Kyle and Cartman walking to his house and meeting him there.


The Mole speaks with a heavy French accent, and often refers to other people as "bitches". His catchphrase is "Shit!", which in his accent actually sounds closer to "Sheet!"

All quotes are from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

Mole on Conan

Christophe seen on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

  • The Mole: "This is the USO show, where those military bitches intend to kill Terrance and Phillippe."
    "Oh my God!"
    The Mole:
    "God? He is the biggest bitch of them all!"
    Stan: "We have to hurry. We rendez-vouse with the other kids at ten."
    The Mole: "You realize that by doing this we could be grounded for two, perhaps even three weeks?"
    "We're willing to take that risk."
    The Mole:
    "Then let’s go."
  • Stan: "Hey, Mole. Do you know where the clitoris is?"
    The Mole: "Ze what?"
    "The clitoris. I have to find the clitoris so I can get this Wendy girl to like me aga—"
    The Mole: "Hey! You need to stop thinking with your dick! You have to be on your toes. Because I am not going to be grounded again! Not for you! Not for anybody!"
  • The Mole: "What do you think this is, kid? TV kiddy hour where we all sit around and lick Barney the dinosaur's fucking pussy? Huh? This is real life, with consequences you take to the grave!"
  • Kyle: "Be careful, dude."
    The Mole: "Careful? Was my mother careful when she stabbed me in the heart with a clothes hanger while I was still in ze womb?"
    "Damn, dude, that kid is fucked up."
  • The Mole: "Now the light, she fades,
    And darkness settles in.
    But I will find strength,
    I will find pride within.
    Because although I die,
    Our freedom will be won.
    Though I die, La Resistance... Lives... On.


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