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"Christmas Snow"
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Episode no. Season 23
Episode 10
Production no. 2310
Original airdate December 11, 2019
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"Christmas Snow" is the tenth episode and season finale of Season Twenty-Three, and the 307th overall episode of South Park. It aired on December 11, 2019.[1]


Santa is stealing all the joy from the town's Holiday Season.[1]


With the town all celebrating at the tree lighting ceremony, the mayor introduces Santa to the stage, exciting the crowd more. However, Santa then begins to talk about accidents caused by drunk driving, causing everyone to boo him, annoyed that he's trying to spoil their fun. After Santa leaves, the adults all go drunk driving, crashing into other cars and people.

The next day, the adults go shopping for alcohol, only to find the liquor aisle blocked off, due to a law somebody passed. The parents then head to the liquor store and the bar, only to find both are unable to sell alcohol until January 2nd.

With everyone having lost their holiday spirit thanks to the new law, the mayor decides to turn to Randy to try and get some weed for the holidays. Randy, while excited about getting his own Christmas special, explains that weed doesn't grow in the winter, so he can't make a new batch. When the mayor and the parents persuade him to try, he discusses with Towelie about how they can do it. Towelie suggests mixing old batches, but Randy tells him it's not special enough. Randy goes outside to think and it starts snowing, giving him an idea.

At the ice skating rink, the boys start to worry about their parents not having the Christmas spirit, since it means bad presents. Randy then arrives with his new product, Christmas Snow. With the parents in the holiday spirit again thanks to the weed, they go driving while high.

The mayor turns up at Tegridy Farms to speak to Randy about the new strain. Randy explains that it is old batches mixed together and topped with cocaine, since the cocaine plant grows all year round. The mayor berates him, since cocaine is illegal, and they could go to prison for what they did. A short montage then plays of Randy protesting for legalizing medical cocaine, then for legalizing normal cocaine. He then comes back to the farm to tell the mayor cocaine is legal now.

Santa then finds out about people getting high, and gets a law passed banning marijuana till after Christmas. Randy comes up with an idea to bypass the law, and brings out Marijuana-Free Christmas Snow. The adults then continue to drive while high, leaving the boys to think the parents have too much holiday spirit.

Randy and Towelie manage to make lots of money with the Marijuana-Free Christmas Snow. Santa finds out about this and steals everyone's Christmas Snow, leaving the parents panicking.

Randy chases Santa's sleigh and the two fall off a mountain. Randy then tries to talk to Santa, explaining that it's not just cocaine, it's Tegridy Cocaine. He persuades him to try some, and Santa finds it just like normal cocaine, only to change his mind, finding it really clean, and better than any other cocaine. He decides to change his mind, only for Jesus to turn up, annoyed at Santa for changing his mind. He then tries the cocaine and finds it really good as well.

Jesus decides that people need cocaine over the holidays, and makes it snow cocaine over the town. With everybody back in the holiday spirit, all the adults go driving and the season concludes by showing an advertisement for Tegridy Cocaine, endorsed by Santa Claus himself.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Christmas Snow" a "B-" rating saying: "Randy declares the Christmas special a success, and I would have to agree. While “Christmas Snow” isn’t “Woodland Critters Christmas,” or even “Red Sleigh Down,” it is an adequate close to season 23 and maybe the Tegridy Farms storyline as well. Hopefully, this is a sign season 24 can get back to the true stars, the South Park kids."[2]

IGN gave "Christmas Snow" a "7.5" rating saying: ""Christmas Snow" isn't quite fresh or memorable enough to rival South Park's best holiday episodes, but it does serve as a fitting cap to Season 23. It also proves the series hasn't quite used up Tegridy Farms as a valid plot device, though it would do well to give that plot point a rest for a while. Between the amusing and sometimes gruesome holiday humor and a hilariously politically incorrect climax, South Park is able to wrap up a very weird but entertaining year in style."[3]


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