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Christine is a woman from Evergreen who appeared in the Season Eleven episode "Night of the Living Homeless".


Christine was the wife of Dennis, who revealed that he had to burn her in her bed while she was sleeping after discovering she was "homeless", despite living with him for twenty years. However, it is revealed that this did not actually kill her, as she is seen emerging from a pile of rubble with most of her body burned and wielding a shotgun. She attempts to talk to Dennis, but he is unable to understand her due to her lips being burned off. She then proceeds to shoot Dennis dead before being shot dead herself by another one of the men.


Christine appears with most of her body burned, almost looking like a skeleton. She had blonde hair and appeared to be blind in one eye. She wore a pink shirt with a red waistband, a green skirt, pink panties that are seen hanging from her legs, as well as sandals, as one of them is still seen on her foot.