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Chris Swollenballs is a news reporter for Channel 4 News. He closely resembles Tom Pusslicker, who may have died in "Pandemic". Chris Swollenballs was attacked in "Night of the Living Homeless", trying to convince some homeless he didn't have any change. The homeless walked towards him, he screamed and the camera shut off, hinting that he died. However, Chris Swollenballs reappeared unharmed two episodes later in "More Crap".


Chris Swollenballs wears a brown suit, a white and blue shirt, and a dark red tie. He has combed blond hair and blond eyebrows.

In "Night of the Living Homeless", he wears a black suit with a striped, light-blue tie, and a wired receiver on his right ear. His hair is still blond but is instead parted to the right.



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