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Chris Allen was a real estate agent employed under South Park Realtors. He first appeared in the Season Twenty-Five episode "Pajama Day".


In "Pajama Day", Chris Allen was one of many residents wearing pajamas to work, in support of the fourth-grade class whose Pajama Day privileges were canceled by PC Principal. He was unnamed in this episode.

Chris Allen, along with the rest of the estate agents came into prominence in "City People", selling properties to people moving from larger cities. In response to the competition against South Park Realty Group, the employees of South Park Realtors are forced to have their pictures retaken, with Chris breaking his back in the process. The competitor however, took one step ahead by creating a video advertisement. While the head of South Park Realtors John Aspinal laments at their loss of business, Chris Allen suggested taking fancy videos in order to keep up.

In South Park: The Streaming Wars, Chris brought Talnua Cussler to a property opposite the Coney Island Hotdog, which the latter immediately purchased. Chris later sold several more properties up in the mountains, before being discovered frozen by Steve Black. Chris attempted to advertise another property to Steve, before getting frozen to death.


Chris Allen wore a green suit with a realtor's badge on the left lapel, a yellow collared shirt with red tie, green pants, and black shoes.

In "Pajama Day", he was seen wearing a green striped pajama set.