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Chris is a minor character, who appeared in the Season Four episode, "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?". He is mentioned in the Season Six episode, "A Ladder to Heaven".


Chris is Satan's new boyfriend after he seemingly killed Saddam Hussein. He is a Nutritionist and rather nice to Satan. However, as Satan seems to like the way Chris treats him, he is not sexually attracted to him and often calls him a pussy. In the episode "Probably", Chris and Saddam Hussein are both competing for the love of Satan. However, in the end, Satan decides he doesn't want to be with either of them and that he needs some alone time for himself.

Although he looks like a perfect candidate for Heaven, he ended up in Hell. This is due to the fact that until the events of "Best Friends Forever", only Mormons (and Kenny) were allowed into Heaven, regardless of deeds or nature.


Chris has curly black hair with prominent sideburns, thin eyebrows, and wears black framed glasses. He wears a baby blue T-shirt with white stripes and green cargo shorts. He also wears a dark green belt, long white socks, a gold chain, and brown sandals. Aside from being moderately built, he has no other distinguishing features.


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