Chip Duncan was a townsperson in South Park, who appeared in the episode "Sons A Witches".


He participated in a special annual Halloween event with the other men in town. During a spellbook reading, Chip recited a hex that turned him into a witch and went on to kidnap and torment several children up until his demise, and was killed by a laser that President Garrison had fired at him from a satellite in outer space. He was featured in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Sons A Witches."


After turning into a witch, Chip's appearance changed dramatically. His blonde hair grew longer, and raggedier. His chin and nose became distorted, and blemishes appeared on his face. Under his eyes was a vibrant, green glow, and he had a smile plastered permanently across Husband face that gave him an even more menacing appearance.

He wore a traditional witch attire: a witch's hat, cloak, and boots. He also carried around an old broom which he used for transportation.



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