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This is a list of Chinpokomon that can be collected in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Collecting all of the 30 Chinpokomon will reward you with a friend request from the Chinpokomon Corporation, which is needed for the "More Popular than John Lennon" Trophy / Achievement. On your way you will also unlock the achievements "Poco Chinpoko" (upon collecting 5 of them) and "Chinpoko Loco" (upon collecting 15). Some of the Chinpokomon can only be collected during specific Quests and can easily be missed. Once a Quest is completed, you can NOT go back, which means that if you miss one of those, you have to restart in order to collect all of them.

Quest Chinpokomon[]

Those are all Chinpokomon in the game that become unobtainable if they are not collected during certain quests.

Image Chinpokomon Location/Quest
Ic unlock cpm roiderat
Roidrat Giggling Donkey - During "The Bard", sitting on the floor in the attic.
Beetlebot UFO - During "Alien Abduction", shoot it off the monitor on the upper level just before the boss fight against the pilots.
Gunrilla Taco Bell - During "PTA Problems", shoot it off a cabinet to the left of the table where you pick up the recording device.
Poodlesaurus School - During "Detention Sentence", simply shoot the vent in the first hallway and it will drop. If missed, go into the school after or during "Attack the School" through the side door. Exit the kitchen into the cafeteria and go out the door to the left. Shoot the vent and use the probe to go up.
Pterdaken School - During "Attack the School", on the second floor, to the right of your ally (DogPoo or Tweek depending on which side you chose) is an openable locker. Shoot it out of the locker.
Fetuswami Unplanned Parenthood - During "Unplanned Parenthood", after destroying the turret, a piece will fly off and light debris next to it on fire. Use a fart to blow it up and go pick it up off the floor.
Ic unlock cpm shoe
Shoe Clyde's Fortress - Before entering through the gate you raised with the two wheels at the top, use the probe to go above the gate and pick it up.

Normal Chinpokomon[]

Image Chinpokomon Location/Quest
Donkeytron School - In the oven in the kitchen. Enter through the side door (requires having progressed far enough in "Attack the School").
Furrycat To the right of Kyle's house behind a log.
Stegmata Kyle's garage (Key inside house).
Ic unlock cpm pengin
Pengin Cartman's garage (Key inside house).
Ic unlock cpm monkay-1
Monkay Butters' House - On the floor in Butters' room.
Ic unlock cpm ccnesme
Chu-chu Nezumi In a tree between your house and Butters' house. Can be shot down.
Ic unlock cpm vamporko
Vamporko Outside Community Center - Use the alien probe on the side of the Community Center to teleport to the basketball court behind it. Its in the center of the court.
Ic unlock cpm feligor
Gophermon Community Center - Bathroom stall all the way to the left.
Ic unlock cpm cosmonewt
Cosmonewt Use the probe in the middle of Stark's Pond to go into the underwater UFO and get it.
Ic unlock cpm rabbitech-1
RabbiTech Police Station - Second floor on a shelf in the room to the right.
Ic unlock cpm snakat
Sna-kat Outside City Hall - Shoot it out of a tree and pick it up.
Ic unlock cpm accountafish
Accountafish South Park Gazette - To open the door, you'll first need to get the office key from a Post Office box. Once inside, use Gnome Dust to shrink down and enter the air vent next to the girl waiting on a stool.
Ic unlock cpm gerbitoad
Gerbitoad Sewers - Next to Mr. Hankey's house.
Ic unlock cpm biebersaurus
Biebersaurus Sewer Cave - Behind the Crab Person.
Fatdactyl Outside Bijou Theatre - Shoot it off the ticket booth and collect it.
Ic unlock cpm terribovine
Terribovine Outside Tweek Bros. Coffee - Shrink down using gnome dust and get it from under the bench.
Ic unlock cpm ferasnarf
Ferasnarf Mr. Mackey's Storage Unit - Start the side quest "Wasted Cache" and go into the unit. Shoot it down from a high location by the door.
Ic unlock cpm roostor
Roo-stor Chaos Lair - Collect the keys from Butters' room and open the storage unit. Shoot it down from the top of the large gray vent.
Ic unlock cpm velocirapstar
Velocirapstar Tolkien's House - Shoot it out of a window on the left side.
Ic unlock cpm brocorri
Brocorri Outside Tower of Peace - Use Cup-a-Spell on the lantern to the right of the path leading up to the tower to unfreeze it.
Ic unlock cpm lambtron
Lambtron Tower of Peace - Start side quest "Mongolian Beef" and shoot it out of a bird cage on the second floor.
Ic unlock cpm flowerpotamus
Flowerpotamus Skeeter's Bar - Shoot it off a shelf in the back.
Ic unlock cpm herbil
Mouse-Tik After completing "O Canada", go to the left of the Pleases and Sparkles Club and collect it from infront of the gold chest.