Chinpokomon is a major children's franchise selling things such as dolls, and games, it even has its own TV show. It is from Japan, seen in the Season Three episode, "Chinpokomon".


The Chinpokomon Toy company attempts to take over the world by enticing children into collecting Chinpokomon toys using subliminal advertising through the anime cartoon and video game.

The Boys become obsessed with the new toys, which begin innocently enough, until it escalates into Japan declaring a new war with the United States by re-bombing Pearl Harbor.

The goals of collecting all of these will reward the consumer with the title Royal Crown Chinpoko Master. After this stage is the Primary Main Objective, which is the Big Weekend Chinpokomon Camp, which turns out to be recruitment into a military service flying jet planes and destroying the "The Evil Power".


These are the characters presented in the episode. Characters marked with an asterisk (*) were not named until South Park: The Stick of Truth.

  • Furrycat
  • Donkeytron
  • Pengin
  • Shoe
  • Lambtron (once incorrectly referred to as Lambtor)
  • Roo-stor
  • Chu-Chu Nezumi
  • Monkay*
  • Fatdactyl*
  • Poodlesaurus Rex*
  • Pterdaken*
  • Gophermon*
  • Stegmata*
  • Mouse-tik*
  • Ferasnarf*

South Park: The Stick of Truth

The dolls are collectible items within the video game. Many more were invented for the game. 


These are the characters presented in the game.

  • Accountafish
  • Beetlebot
  • Biebersaurus
  • Brocorii
  • Chu-Chu Nezumi
  • Cosmonewt
  • Donkeytron
  • Fatdactyl
  • Ferasnarf
  • Fetuswami
  • Flowerpotamus
  • Furrycat
  • Gerbitoad
  • Gophermon
  • Gunrilla
  • Lambtron
  • Monkay
  • Mouse-tik
  • Pengin
  • Poodlesaurus Rex
  • Pterdaken
  • Rabbitech
  • Roidrat
  • Roo-stor
  • Shoe
  • Sna-kat
  • Stegmata
  • Terribovine
  • Vamporko
  • Velocirapstar

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Call Girl's Ultimate attack is her leading a flash mob using Chinpokomon Go (a parody of the smartphone game Pokémon GO).


  • The dolls and plot of the episode are a satire of Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.
  • A backpack featuring Lambtron was seen in Food 4 Little in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".
  • A direct translation of "Chinpokomon" is "Penis Monsters", as Chinpoko in Japanese is a slang term for penis.
  • Chinpokomon was seen in a cameo in "The End of Serialization as We Know It" as part of Ike's internet history. He searched for "Chinpokomon Sun and Moon", a referenced to the pair of video games Pokemon Sun and Moon, which were released a few weeks prior to the episode airing.
  • Many of the Chinpokomon bear resemblance to real Pokémon.
    • Accountafish resembles Magikarp.
    • Beetlebot resembles Ledyba.
    • Biebersaurus resembles Deino.
    • Brocorii resembles Roselia and Pansage.
    • Donkeytron somewhat resembles Scraggy.
    • Fatdactyl somewhat resembles Pikachu.
    • Ferasnarf resembles Jolteon.
    • Fetuswami somewhat resembles Reuniclus.
    • Furrycat resembles Meowth.
    • Lambtron somewhat resembles Pikachu.
    • Monkay resembles Nidoking.
    • Pengin resembles Piplup.
    • Pterdaken resembles Charmeleon.
    • Roo-stor somewhat resembles Skarmory.
    • Stegmata resembles Wartortle.
    • Terribovine resembles Miltank.
    • Vamporko resembles Clefairy.
  • The Chinpokomon Fetuswami bears a strong resemblance to the character Giygas from the Super Nintendo game Earthbound.
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