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  • The Japanese term chinpoko (ちんぽこ) means 'small penis'. The entire phrase "Chinpokomon" means "penis [pocket] monster" in Japanese. The word Poké is short for pocket in Japanese, which is where the word "poko" comes from.
    • Children chant Owatta Beikoku (終わった米国) "the U.S. is finished" while marching.
    • The billboard written by Japanese, 眠気スッキリ (Nemuke sukkiri) means "keeping awake and refreshing".
  • This episode is believed to not dubbed in Japanese.
  • The idea of fads and addiction used for brainwashing and conspiracy are reused in "South Park is Gay!", "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", and "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes".
  • Hirohito, the name of the Japanese mastermind was the real Japanese emperor's name. However, the real life Hirohito died 10 years prior to the airing of this episode, succeeded by his son Akihito.
  • The Chinpokomon toys are later seen in numerous episodes throughout the series.
  • All of the Japanese, with the possible exception of "Garrison-san", is correct Japanese. Trey Parker studied Japanese in college and speaks it fluently.
  • This episode marks the first time where Butters Stotch appears as an extra member of The Boys.
  • On the Season Three mini-commentary of this episode, Trey Parker mentioned that this episode featured the voice of his long-time college friend Junichi Nishimura.
  • Cyborg Bill is seen again in this episode this time bought by Kyle. He was seen in many previous episodes as well as in many more episodes to come.
  • The Japanese Woman was played by Saki Miata known for her work on 'The Yokai King' and 'The Reflection' TV series'.
  • This is the last episode where Mary Kay Bergman voices Wendy Testaburger before her death on November 11, 1999.
  • Lola makes her first appearance in this episode next to Kenny at the Chinpokomon camp.

References to Popular Culture

  • The whole episode parodies the Pokémon phenomenon.
  • Sharon Marsh's line, "Get on the line, tell everyone how to bring these sons of bitches down!" is a reference to the film Independence Day as is Mr. Garrison's use of the telegraph in order to spread Sharon's message covertly.
  • When Randy and Sharon are watching Chinpokomon, whenever the scene shows them rather than Chinpokomon, music from Doom can be heard in the background.
  • When Sharon Marsh says "What?" to the Japanese leaders, it has an uncanny resemblance to the voice of Lois Griffin from Family Guy.



  • Two of the kids sank down and disappeared through the road as the kids approached the adults in the airfield.
  • In class, Stan calls Mr. Garrison "Garrison-san" - he should address a teacher as "Garrison-sensei".
  • Kenny's eyes are in the anime state in class, yet he is in a seizure.
  • Cartman states to Kyle that the evil power won't be revealed until all Chinpokomon things are collected by the royal-crown chinpokomaster, however the evil power is revealed at the Chinpokomon camp.
  • While he is in the store, Eric states that Kenny has the last Pengin but yet there are at least two others seen throughout the store.
  • While in the store, the Chinpokomon Stan and Cartman had in the first place change when their mom's pay for them. Also the next day Stan has the Chinpokomon that Cartman's mom bought for him.
  • When Mr. Ose puts his pants back on after showing his small penis, the blonde boy to the left of him has his eyebrows on his right eye.
  • Lambtron is called Lambtor when he is first introduced, but on all subsequent times he is named, he is called Lambtron.
  • Sharon Marsh is missing her eyebrows in a few scenes.

Kenny's Death

  • Kenny suffers a seizure from the Chinpokomon game and is disoriented for the entire episode. Thinking he is dead, the rats try to eat him, but Cartman wards them off since he thought that Kenny was not dead yet. Kenny finally dies when the rats burst out of his stomach due to the fact that one of the rats who were attempting to eat him, somehow managed to get inside him. Cartman is grossed out, while Stan and Kyle laugh. The catchphrase from Stan and Kyle was not used in this instance.

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