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Episode no. Season 3
Episode 11
Production no. 310
Original airdate November 3, 1999
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This article covers the Season Three episode. For the toy brand, see Chinpokomon (Brand).

"Chinpokomon" is the eleventh episode of Season Three, and the 42nd overall episode of South Park. It first aired on November 3, 1999.[1]


Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are caught up in the latest fad from Japan: Chinpoko Mon![1]


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Plot details follow.

Cartman is watching the new hit Japanese TV show entitled Chinpokomon. Not long after the show ends, he sees an ad for Chinpokomon dolls and instantly forces his mom to take him to the toy store to purchase them.

Upon arriving there, Cartman is angered to see that everyone else saw the ad and got there before him, leaving him very little to buy.

At the bus stop, Cartman tries to get Kenny to trade his doll for his since Kenny got the last one of his favorite. Kyle then shows up with his Cyborg Bill doll but is informed by Stan about the new fad. Kyle then rushes home to get money to buy a doll.

At his house, Kyle asks his mom and dad for money. His dad explains to him that he should not follow fads, but Kyle explains he will be bullied otherwise. Gerald understands and gives him enough money to get himself and Ike a doll.

At the toy shop, the owner says to Kyle that he does not know what kids see in them, to which Kyle replies likewise. As the store was closing for the night, the owner then picks up a toy and became suspicious when it blurted out that the American government must be stopped.

Kyle goes to Cartman's house to see the other boys are playing the Chinpokomon video game and asks if he brought his special controller. Kyle tells them he bought a toy but they are now out of fashion, so Kyle goes to buy a controller. Kenny then starts having a seizure due to the video game, which involves bombing Pearl Harbor.

The shop owner goes to Japan and speaks with the Chinpokomon creators who simply confuse him and gain his respect by telling him he has such a large penis compared to theirs. Flattered, he leaves without any further complaint.

Randy and Sharon decide to watch one of Stan's videotapes of Chinpokomon to see what it teaches, they soon discover how unusual it is and call the parents together.

Kyle shows the others his video game controller, but they ask him if he is going to the Chinpokomon Camp and tell him the video game is also out of fashion. Kyle then decides he is going, too.

At the Chinpokomon camp, the leaders explain to the kids that the "evil power" that they must destroy is the American government and that they will start by bombing Pearl Harbor. They then start their training by learning Japanese.

At City Hall, the adults complain to Mayor McDaniels about the state of the kids. Mr. Garrison explains how unruly they are in class and how they talk in Japanese. The parents explain their fears over the fact that the show is not good for the kids. The creators of Chinpokomon then speak to the adults and use the "Large American Penis" trick on the men, despite the women trying to tell them that this is all just a trick.

The adults realize that kids are fickle and try various ways to get the kids into the next fad. They show the boys commercials for different toys such as "Wild Wacky Action Bike" and "Alabama Man" but they prove very unsuccessful.

The kids then march down the street towards the airfield and will not listen to the adults, but Sharon suddenly realizes how to get the kids back and has the other adults prepare.

Soon, President Clinton makes a public announcement on the Pearl Harbor attack but he, too, gets fooled by the penis trick.

At the airfield, the kids prepare to attack when the adults arrive explaining how they all like Chinpokomon. The kids soon see that if the adults like it then it is not as cool and abandon their mission. Mr. Garrison then goes to inform others how to stop Chinpokomon by wire. Kyle, still following the fad, continues to ride his plane until the other boys say the fad is over; Stan explains that they should not follow fads. Kyle then says he would still be following the group if he stops liking Chinpokomon and goes to attack. Stan then tells him that you should follow a group since they can help you choose things. Kyle is too confused and gets out of the plane.

Later, the kids have given up on the big fads and now plan to buy toys they want. Suddenly, Kenny dies from his seizure when a nest of rats bursts out of his stomach.


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