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The Chinese mafia is an organization that appears in Season Nine episode, "Wing".


Tuong Lu Kim had the mafia smuggle Wing Han Tsang into the United States for $10,000. However, when Lu Kim was unable to pay the agreed amount, the mafia broke into City Wok, demanding the money and the whereabouts of Wing. Eventually, he along with Wing was kidnapped by the mafia.

Meanwhile, the Super Awesome Talent Agency assumed that the mafia was the agency that took Token Black as their talent. After Wing was taken away from them, they went to their mansion to try to recover their client. After a gunfire exchange, both sides realized that their businesses are dirty and perverse, using human beings as commodities. They decided to shut down the business for good.

The mafia later attended the wedding ceremony of Sylvester Stallone's son, even complimenting Wing when she was performing on stage.


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