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The Chinese family first appears in the Season Twelve episode, "The China Probrem".


The Chinese family dines at P.F. Chang's, when Cartman and Butters, who were in stereotypical Chinese costumes, try to talk to them to find out the "Chinese plan". The father of the family, who knew how to speak English and that Cartman and Butters were not Chinese, gets annoyed and calls the waitress to have the two leave them alone. When the waitress is about to expel the two, Cartman and Butters then keep everyone in the restaurant hostage with Butters holding a gun.


The father has slightly spiky black hair and wears a white button-down shirt, brown pants, a black belt with gray buckle, and black shoes.

The mother has long black hair and wears mascara, pink lipstick, and small white earrings on both ears. She wears a gray sports shirt with white stripes on the sides, darker gray sports pants that also have white stripes on the sides, and black shoes.

The youngest son has a tuft of black hair and wears a light blue button-down shirt and brown pants. He seems to be in kindergarten.

The eldest son has black hair and big ears and wears a light green shirt with a dark green stripe in the middle, brown pants, and black shoes. He seems to be in the 5th grade.

The eldest daughter has long black hair and wears a light pink coat with a darker pink collar, gray pants, and black shoes. She seems to be in the 6th grade.

They all have stereotypical characteristics of Asians seen in the series such as small eyes.