The Chinese Dodgeball Players are a group of kids from China that are specialized in dodgeball. They appeared in Season Two episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady".


The players are known to have trained in dodgeball all their lives, going through strict regimentation and using heavy equipment to aid them (e.g. passing 1600-pound balls, knocking down brick walls with their throws). They were also administered steroids to boost their training.

During their match against the South Park Cows, they easily took down most of the Cows (including killing Kenny), but were later defeated single-handedly by Pip Pirrip.


In dodgeball matches, the players wear red jerseys with yellow sleeves, red shorts, and large straw hats. Each player has a unique number at the front and back.

During training, some players wear red or yellow tangzhuangs with blue pants, while keeping their straw hats.

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