The Chinese Commentators are two Chinese men who commentate over the dodge ball game between the South Park Cows and the Chinese dodgeball team in the Season Two episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady".


These two men appear commentating on the dodge ball game in China. Throughout the game, they repeatedly mock the Americans such as impersonating their voices and saying all Americans look alike. They seem to enjoy doing this, but one of them tells the other that he will get them in trouble again after joking about Abraham Lincoln.

They also make a brief cameo appearance during the large crowd shot in Mountain Town (Reprise) in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


They both wear red collared shirts over a white shirt with a tie, black pants, and black shoes. The taller man also has a yellow star on his shirt. The taller man has curly black hair, a very thin head, and very squinted eyes, just like Tuong Lu Kim. The shorter man has balding black hair and thin black eyebrows.  They both have stereotypical characteristics of Asians seen in the series such as small eyes and even almost completely closed.


  • In "Stanley's Cup", two men who commentate over the Colorado Avalanche game bear a strong resemblance to the Chinese Commentators but with more American features.
  • The shorter commentator's appearance and voice are similar to the later character Tuong Lu Kim, who made his debut in "Jared Has Aides".


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