China is a country located in East Asia, which is made fun of at multiple occasions.


China’s first appeared in the Season Two episode “Conjoined Fetus Lady” when the boys ask the students at Washington DC why they forfeited the game. They tell them that the Chinese players take dodge ball very seriously and even killed players in their games. When at the game in China, the boys get badly injured by the Chinese players and they even kill Kenny, Luckily Pip is able to beat the Chinese players single handedly.

China’s second appearance was in the Season Six episode “The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer” where Russell Crowe went to China to fight some Chinese men.

China’s third appearance was in the Season Twelve episode “The China Probrem” where Cartman has a nightmare about the Chinese 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony and worried that the Chinese would take over America. He gets Butters to help him find out the Chinese’s plan to take over America by going to a local P.F. Chang’s and disguising as racially stereotypical Chinese people with buck teeth and glasses. Cartman and Butters hold the workers, visitors and a Chinese family captive at P.F. Chang’s until they find out that the Chinese had no plan whatsoever.

China had a small appearance in the Season Thirteen episode “Pinewood Derby” as one of the many countries talking to Randy on the phone and wanting the space cash.

China’s fourth appearance was in the Season Sixteen episode “Obama Wins!” where Cartman and Barack Obama made a deal with General Tso and China that if they kept Obama president, they could have the rights to Star Wars. When Kyle and the boys find the Missing Election Ballots at Stevenson’s Hummer, it turns out that the Chinese wanted to protect Star Wars from Disney, the reason they didn’t want Mitt Romney as president, so Kyle lets the Chinese have the rights to Star Wars and Obama stays president.

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