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The People's Republic of China is a large country located in East Asia and it first appeared in the Season Two episode, "Conjoined Fetus Lady".


In "Conjoined Fetus Lady", the boys and their dodgeball team complete the state championship and the national championship games successfully. After an instantaneous win against the Washington DC team, they quickly learn that the Chinese dodgeball team is generally violent with the game and have been known to severely injure players.

During the game, most of the players on the South Park dodgeball team are injured and the team decides to forfeit. However, Pip Pirrip currently possesses the ball, causing the Chinese team to become angry. To force Pip to throw the ball, Kevin Stoley gives the Chinese team a list of insults to say to Pip. After a few, Pip throws the ball, knocking the entire Chinese team out, and therefore winning the game. In "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer", China was mentioned briefly when Russell Crowe traveled to China, in his show, to fight Chinese men.

In "The China Probrem", Eric Cartman has a nightmare about the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony and is intensely worried that the Chinese would take over the United States. He enlists the help of Butters Stotch to disguise themselves and attempt to gather information about the Chinese plans at P.F. Chang's. After their disguises are quickly discovered, they hold the restaurant up but discover shortly that there were no such plans.

In "Pinewood Derby", China appears briefly as one of the many countries talking to Randy Marsh on the phone and wanting a share of the 'space cash'.

In "Obama Wins!", Eric Cartman and Barack Obama make a deal with General Tso, which was to secure Barack Obama's reelection in exchange for the rights to the Star Wars franchise. When Kyle Broflovski and the boys find the missing election ballots at Stevenson's Hummer, it is discovered that the Chinese secretly wanted to protect Star Wars from Disney. Agreeing with this Kyle burns the ballots, allowing the Chinese to own Star Wars.

In "Tweek x Craig", Randy Marsh calls the Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party Xi Jinping wanting to learn the secret behind Yaoi. Jinping, however, tells him that Yaoi originates in Japan, and becomes frustrated that the Japanese have yet to apologize to China for the Nanjing Massacre.

In "Doubling Down", Xi Jinping returns receiving an angry tirade from President Garrison.

In "Band in China", Randy travels to China to look for Tegridy clients. After being arrested for bringing marijuana into the country, he sees the terrible treatment the Chinese people get while incarcerated in a Chinese laogai, however, he still goes on to supply Tegridy weed throughout China.

In "Shots!!!", Randy sings "China" at his parade, celebrating his 300,000 dollar profit made selling weed. As the show was approaching the end, Randy says "Fuck the Chinese Government", which is an insult made by co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone in response to China banning South Park.

In "The Pandemic Special", Randy recalls the events of "Band in China" with the addition of some previously unrevealed details of his trip there with Mickey Mouse. This includes going to a bar in Wuhan, China, getting intoxicated there, and then having sex with a bat and a pangolin. These recollections make Randy realize that he may have caused the COVID-19 pandemic.


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