The Chili Con Carnival was an event Cartman created in the Season Five episode, "Scott Tenorman Must Die".


Cartman tries to get revenge on Scott Tenorman for selling him pubes. He plans to create a Chili Cookoff where he will get a pony to bite Scott's wiener off. He also planned to invite Radiohead in order to humiliate him. Kyle and Stan tell Scott about Cartman's plan. Scott then tries to stop his plan by getting his parents to go to the farm in order to have the pony sent to an animal shelter. He then creates a chili with pubes in it for Cartman to eat.

At the event, set in Cartman's Front Yard, everyone comes to watch Cartman being humiliated. Scott and Cartman sit to eat each other's chili. After Cartman eats half of the chili, Scott starts to tell him about what is in the chili, but Cartman shocks everyone by revealing he already knew and is actually eating Chef's chili. He explains that he knew Kyle and Stan would betray him, and knew Scott would get his parents to get rid of the pony. He also tells him that the farmer kills trespassers on-site and that the farmer had killed Scott's parents after Cartman warned him that they were "pony killers". Cartman reveals that he robbed the bodies, chopped them down and put them into a chili, which he served to Scott. Scott, shocked and devastated, starts crying before Radiohead comes and makes fun of him when they see him crying. Cartman gets up and starts licking Scott's tears off victoriously with the episode ending after Stan and Kyle agreeing they shouldn't mess with Cartman.

In "201", Scott sets up his own Chili Con Carnival, and the Ginger Kids bring Cartman in. Scott tells him that he has been in a mental institution, and has tried to find information about Cartman. He then tells him that Cartman's dad is Jack Tenorman, who he killed before. The Super Best Friends burst in and Scott escapes.

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