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The Chief Scientist was the scientist in charge of investigating COVID-19 in the Season Twenty-Four episode, "The Pandemic Special".


The Chief Scientist is interviewed on a news report where he announces that he and his team have pinpointed the virus to a certain bat in Wuhan, China. What they do not understand is how the virus could have been transmitted from a bat to a human. Later, he finds that the animal that started the coronavirus is not a bat but a Pangolin which has been tracked down and brought to his research facility, the South Park Viral Research Center.

Randy Marsh is in a panic upon hearing this news. During his time in China in the previous season, he had sex with a pangolin under Mickey Mouse's influence. He fell very sick following the incident but thought he was just having the flu. This means he is responsible for the transmission of the coronavirus from animals to humans, and he is afraid of being found out. Randy sneaks onto a tour of the research center for Pandemic Specialists, during which the chief scientist says that another species inserted its DNA up the pangolin, and they need to obtain that DNA in order to develop a vaccine. Unknown to them, that is Randy's DNA. When the group moves on to the next location, Randy kidnaps the pangolin.

The pangolin is reported missing on the news and the scientists say they do not have what it takes to develop a vaccine. Randy receives a human heart in the mail from Mickey Mouse who says he will have him killed and his DNA sent to the scientists, but Randy convinces him that he will find an alternative solution.

At the end of the episode, Randy has a change of heart seeing the destruction of COVID-19 and decides to surrender the pangolin. He returns the pangolin to the chief scientist outside the Build-A-Bear Workshop just before the police shoot at it. Cartman, however, does not want a vaccine to end COVID-19 as he does not want to return to school. He nearly destroys the pangolin in the store's Do-over A Bear machine but Stan makes a passionate speech that makes him change his mind. He returns the pangolin to the chief scientist, who gives a speech about hope and working together. Just then, President Garrison shows up and burns the chief scientist and pangolin to death with a flamethrower, as he wants the pandemic to continue to help him get rid of all the Mexicans.


The chief scientist has dark brown hair, thick eyebrows, and wears glasses. He wears a white lab coat over a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie, gray pants, and black shoes.

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