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Chief Runs With Premise's Wife appears in the Season Seven episode "Red Man's Greed".


In an attempt to push their superhighway project connecting Three Feathers Indian Casino, Chief Runs With Premise decides to infect South Park with S.A.R.S. through donating blankets to the townspeople. While the Native Americans are discussing their next phase of the project, Chief Runs With Premise's wife interrupts and inform her husband that their son had been infected with S.A.R.S. as well, after sharing a cup from one of the Chinese men whom the Native Americans used to spread the disease onto the blankets.

Their son is eventually cured of the disease after consuming Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, Dayquil, and Sprite. When Chief Runs With Premise offers to give everyone $5 credits at the casino, his wife nudges him, and he finally agrees to drop the superhighway project altogether.


Chief Runs With Premise's wife wears an orange shirt with blue patterns, blue long skirt, and a pendant.