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  • It is said that "the pox will be harder to cure if contracted as an adult, to the point of becoming potentially lethal.". Even though this is somewhat accurate; a fatality caused by chickenpox is exceedingly rare.
  • Frida offers $10 for a lay and $5 for a b-nut. A lay is slang for having sex, and a b-nut is short for "baby nut" a slang term meaning that a male has ejaculated so profusely that he likely impregnated the woman he is having sex with. It is unknown why a "b-nut" would be cheaper than a "lay".
  • Calamine lotion was given to Eric Cartman by his mother, this is a real-world remedy to the itching caused by chickenpox.
  • Stan, Kyle and Cartman cross a railroad track to get to Kenny's house, "Wrong Side of the Tracks" or "Other Side of the Tracks" is a common expression referring to the poor area of a town.
  • Starting with this episode, every episode of South Park is now uncensored on the website.
  • The chickenpox vaccine was already on the schedule for three years when the episode was made, and given how all the children in South Park manage to contract chickenpox, it is clear that none of the children, for whatever reason, received the vaccine.

References to Popular Culture

  • On the way to Kenny's house, Kyle hopes that Kenny has a Nintendo. At the time this episode aired, the most recent Nintendo video game console would have been the Nintendo 64.
  • The McCormick's have a ColecoVision, which was a gaming console that came out in 1982.
  • Cartman is shown singing "In the Ghetto", a song written by Mac Davis, circa 1969, it was made popular by Elvis Presley.
  • As Frida is putting her herpes infected mouth on the parents belongings, the song "I'm a Believer" is playing. This is a 1966 song by the The Monkees from their album More of The Monkees. This also plays during the end credits
  • Cartman has a Steve Urkel sleeping bag. Steve Urkel was a nerdy character on the sitcom Family Matters which ran from 1989-1998. Urkel was portrayed by actor Jaleel White.
  • It is Stan's opinion that the 1982 television series Knight Rider was the best television show in America. It ran from 1982-1986 and starred David Hasselhoff.
  • Cartman thinks that the planet Endor home of the Ewoks is better than America. Endor and the Ewoks are part of the Star Wars franchise and first appeared in Return of the Jedi.
  • Apparently part of Stan's advanced symptoms of Chickenpox makes him think that he is actor David Duchovny. Around the time this episode aired, Duchovny was in the popular paranormal series The X-Files.


  • Gdffrdh

    Kyle's layer mistake

    During the time the prostitute is contaminating Liane's underwear, Cartman's chickenpox seemingly disappears.
  • Stan and Cartman shouldn't be able to see effects from Chickenpox the day after going to Kenny's house. It usually takes a 10–21 days before seeing any symptoms of chickenpox.[1]
  • When Stan and Kyle enter Cartman's bathroom, to tell him that their parents were the reason they contracted chickenpox, Kyle's head appears under his body layer rather than on top.
  • When Sheila admits to setting up Gerald with Stuart, her eyebrows disappear. 

Kenny's Death

Dies of a heart attack from the Chickenpox.


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