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Chet is a minor character in South Park who made his debut in the Season Eight episode, "Goobacks". He is one of the town's many redneck residents.


In Chet's first appearance in "Goobacks", he is seen among the various rednecks furious at the future travelers for taking many of the town's lesser jobs, thus leaving them without a job. When Darryl Weathers suggests finding some way to prevent the future from happening so that travelers cease to exist, Chet presents the idea of ​​causing more global warming so that the polar ice caps melt in the future and thus usher in a new ice age, but is quickly denied and called "retarded" by Darryl, who did not believe in global warming.

After Chet's first appearance, he began making recurring appearances with other rednecks in later episodes.

In "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", Chet is seen in the news with other rednecks, claiming that terrorists and Al Qaeda were to blame for the Beaverton flood.

In "Follow That Egg!", Chet is seen among Garrison's supporters, who believe that homosexuals should not be able to marry. When Garrison surprises the citizens by stating that they should attack homosexuals, Chet is the first to tell him that what his supporters really wanted was appeal to the Governor.


Chet has medium-length flat top brown hair and a mustache. He wears a black-collared red coat with front pockets and rolled-up sleeves, as well as a black belt with a gold buckle and cyan pants. In some appearances, he is seen using a slightly altered character model, with less contrasting clothing and the absence of his mustache.



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