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  • Although the blood type AB negative is the rarest blood type (comprising .6% of the population of the United States), individuals with this blood type can receive blood from anyone with Rh negative blood (that is, A-, B-, AB- and O-). An estimated 15% of the population possess these blood types.[1]
    • Additionally, blood type alone is not sufficient for determining compatibility for kidney transplants, as HLA compatibility also plays a role.
  • Comedy duo Cheech and Chong guest-star in this episode. Although their voices were recorded separately, this episode was the first time they had worked on anything together in the several years following their break up. A few years later, they reunited.
  • Right before Kenny dies, he says a few lines to Stan in anger. Though the lines are muffled as always they can be made out to be "It's not that fucking serious.", "You don't seem to care when I die!" and a variation of Cartman's line "That’s it I have had enough of this bullshit! Screw you guys! I'm going home!" He also does the hand gestures Cartman does and walks away. After he dies, Stan seems indifferent, and continues crying over Kyle, putting some truth into what he said.
  • In the Comedy Central promos for this episode, Cartman says that he plans on making Britney Spears his love slave with the ten million he gets for Kyle's kidney. In the actual episode, Cartman says that what he intends to do with the money is not an issue (because all that matters is that Stan gets the money before Kyle dies).
  • When Cartman refuses to donate a kidney to Kyle, he sings "no" to the tune of "Comedy Tonight" from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
  • When Miss Information visits Kyle, he throws up on the floor and she says it is simply the toxins leaving his body. Stan disagrees and says it's the bean with bacon soup Kyle ate half an hour earlier. Kyle is Jewish, and Jews can not eat bacon because bacon is not kosher.
  • The show's sound engineer Lydia Quidilla appears as the Cherokee with super absorbent hair in the live-action commercial.
  • Cartman has a problem with his kidney that makes milk come out of his nose if he laughs too hard - as of this episode, though, Kyle has the problem, since he got the "crappy kidney".
  • Mr. Garrison's mother and father, from "World Wide Recorder Concert", can be seen in a photo frame in his room while he writes his novel.
  • When the substitute teacher introduces himself, the letters on the alphabet are out of place. The uppercase letters go accordingly, starting with A, but the lower case letters go backwards starting from z.
  • When the substitute teacher gives the name roll call, Cartman refers himself by "Kenny". He was previously known as Kenny in "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs Frosty", and will, later, be the host to Kenny's soul in "A Ladder to Heaven".
  • Mr. Garrison uses "Ethan F. Garrison" as his pen name.


  • This episode reveals that both Kyle and Cartman's blood type are AB negative.
  • In this episode it is revealed that Kyle is diabetic.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Cartman's pet pig Fluffy. The only other time Fluffy appeared was in the Season One episode "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".
  • Kenny is shown to be aware of his tendency to die in this episode, after saying that a friend dying is "not that fucking serious", and getting annoyed at Stan's concern for Kyle. He had previously been shown to be at least vaguely aware at the end of "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo". This was ultimately confirmed in "Mysterion Rises".
  • When Mr. Wyland says that he knows some students enjoy annoying substitute teachers, Cartman points towards Craig. Cartman has previously maintained that Craig is a trouble maker in "Tweek vs. Craig".
  • Mr.Garrison gets "layed off" over the events of the last episode, "Cartman Joins NAMBLA". He does not come back to the school until "Fourth Grade" later in the season as the kindergarten teacher, and does not start teaching the 4th grade class until two seasons later, in "The Death Camp of Tolerance ".
  • Mr. Garrison's best seller novel The Valley of Penises later won the Gay Pulitzer Prize, which is revealed by Mr. Mackey in "Fourth Grade".


  • During typing, Mr. Garrison's hand in use disappears when he starts typing each button.
  • When Stan takes Kyle to Cartman's house to ask if he would donate his kidney, Liane warns him to be careful around Kyle as he thinks he has AIDS, yet she knows his issues are related to his kidneys as she was present with the other mothers in Kyle's bedroom when Miss Information came to see him.

Kenny's Death

  • He is crushed by a piano as he is walking away from Stan, who has just offended him by his crying over Kyle's impending death whilst not caring about all of his own, somewhat more numerous deaths.


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