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  • This episode satirizes the two similar controversies about the state flags of Mississippi and Georgia.
  • When two men are talking about the ball game interfering with the date of the protest, two pairs of feet are seen next to them which connect to two women's bodies as they come out of the supermarket.
  • Mr. Garrison insists he is not a racist or a Klan member in this episode. However, he was seen in "Here Comes the Neighborhood" trying to get the "richers" (who were all black) out of South Park by using Ku Klux Klan techniques (Such as dressing up in their robes or burning crosses) and reveals with his last line of the episode that his intentions were purely racist.
  • This episode is one of two where Wendy is seen without her trademark beret. The other is "Funnybot".
  • Chef's act of burning a monk in protest is a reference to the self-immolation of Thích Quảng Đức in 1963, a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself in a similar fashion.
  • 'Nanners' is British slang for Banana's (only in certain parts of the country though). 'Going banana's' refers to going crazy.
  • Channel 4 News reports 3 citizens are for changing the flag, 3 are against changing the flag, and 4,382 are undecided, making the population of South Park approximately 4388.
  • The debate teams are Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Craig, Tweek, Francis and Pete Thelman who want to keep the flag and Wendy, Cartman, Token, Butters, Clyde, Red, Bebe, Kevin Stoley, Boy with Red Shirt and Blue Pants and Bradley Biggle who want to change the flag.
  • Stone and Parker dislike this episode, as they had admitted it was rushed so that since they wanted to leave early for the holiday weekend.[citation needed]


  • In the opening scene, the South Park flag's text is written in white when it is first unrolled. However, in the closeup that immediately follows, the text is written in black. This is corrected when it airs on demand.
  • The Teacher says that eight members of the class are for changing the flag and eight against but when shown, Wendy and Cartman's group has ten members and Stan and Kyle's group has seven members.
    • The class has only fourteen students.
  • During the part when the whole class were about to give their debate speech, Wendy was sitting on her chair properly. After she kissed Cartman and finished her speech, she stands on her chair throughout the rest of the scene.

Kenny's Death

Kenny explodes after eating a bowl of Kyle's dad's antacids tablets (thinking they were mints) and drinking a glass of water. Following a brief pause, everybody in the room bursts out laughing and clapping, and Stan says, "That was a good one." This is one of many times that Stan and Kyle do not say "Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!"/"You bastards!"

Hidden Visitor(s)

The hidden visitor is behind a tree, partially hidden by a shadow.

When Chef notices Jimbo and Ned's KKK outfits, behind a tree, partially hidden by a shadow.

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