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The Cheesy Poofs Talent Ship, also referred to as a van, is a trailer in the shape of a spaceship, featured in the Season Two episode, "Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods".


Excited that his favorite food is holding auditions for a commercial appearance, Eric Cartman uses his class field trip to the planetarium to participate. During the planetarium's presentation, Cartman sneaks away and lines up behind Tommy Fritz to give his grandiose performance of the "Cheesy Poofs Theme Song". After singing the song, he advances to the next round of auditions as a finalist. Tommy, however, does not.


The Cheesy Poofs Talent Ship is a large trailer in the shape of a rocket ship. The ship is gray with red tail fins, has blue windows, a satellite dish, and faux exhaust. The Cheesy Poofs logo, with the words "talent ship", adorns the side of the vehicle and "X-3" is written on the top most tail fin. The trailer itself is yellow-orange with large black tires.