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The Cheesing King appears in the Season Twelve episode "Major Boobage".


The Cheesing King is the father of a beautiful, large-breasted and scantily-dressed woman, both of whom appear only in an imaginary world which can be visited when high on cat urine. Kenny, one of the first to visit the realm, follows the large-breasted woman to the Boob Palace where the king resides. There, the king takes notice of Kenny's interest with his daughter's breasts, and instructs Kenny to "appease the gods by lathering her boobs with soapy suds" at the Fountains of Varnov.

Later, Gerald Broflovski decides to engage in cheesing and visit the fountain. As he was about to bathe with the woman, he is stopped by the king, citing that there is another "suitor" (who turns out to be Kenny). He then instructs both to fight to the death at the Breastriary in order to decide who gets to bathe with his daughter.


The Cheesing King wears a gold headpiece with horns, gold breast-shaped shoulder pads, a green royal suit with gold trimmings and gold belt, light blue pants, and brown boots. He carries a gold staff that is decorated with more breasts.


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