Charlotte is a Canadian girl who first appeared in the Season Nineteen episode, "Where My Country Gone?", where she was seen dating Butters Stotch.


Butters loses a bet among his friends and is forced to date a Canadian student to end hostilities between the US and Canadian students at South Park Elementary. He reluctantly introduces himself to Charlotte on the playground and later they go on a date to a movie. Charlotte invites Butters to dinner at her house and her father explains the evil President of Canada caused everyone to move to the U.S..

Butters and Charlotte hold hands and bond while sitting on the swing in the backyard. The family moves back to Canada once they hear the President is dead and Charlotte promises to Skype Butters when she gets home. She followed through on this in "Tweek x Craig". While in a Skype call with Butters in "PC Principal Final Justice", she ensures that he will be careful with the recent events.

In "Wieners Out", she is seen briefly, again in a Skype call with Butters. Due to the recent protest against the boys by the girls in "Skank Hunt", she also had joined the cause. Prior to the call, she had told Butters not to call her, and that their relationship was over. The call ends when Butters goes in a fit of rage.


Charlotte, like all Canadians in South Park, has beady eyes and a flappy head. She wears a pink dress with a blue overcoat, and white shoes. She has medium length brown hair, with a pink hairpin on the left side.


Although she, along with all the other Canadian refugees in this episode, do not wish to live in South Park, Charlotte is opening to dating Butters. And like most Canadians, she is sweet and kind.


Butters Stotch

She and Butters were once in a relationship beginning in "Where My Country Gone?" and ending in "Wieners Out".


  • Unlike other female flappy-headed Canadians, which are usually voiced by Trey Parker or Matt Stone, Charlotte is actually one of the few flappy-headed Canadians to be voiced by a female.



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