Charles Kincade is the manager for the Kincade Talent Agency and represents Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and then Thad Jarvis in the Season Eleven episode, "Guitar Queer-O".


Stan and Kyle are getting better and better at Guitar Hero, and quickly earn 100,000 points in the game. Seeing their talent, Charles Kincade offers to represent the boys on behalf of his talent agency. He demos the boys' talent to a record producer, who then invites the two to his giant mansion party.

After the party, Stan and Kyle practice with Kincade, who begins to lose interest in Kyle in favor of Stan. Stan is uneasy about Kincade's assessment, but proceeds with finding a new partner with hesitation.

Kincade introduces Stan to Thad Jarvis, who can play most Guitar Hero songs acoustically. The two mesh together well, and begin to practice together, much to Kyle's extreme surprise and disappointment. Stan, realizing he let down his best friend, begins to let the drama interfere with his gameplay. During a practice session with Thad, Stan causes Thad to quit, which then causes disappointment in Kincade.

After a Heroin Hero binge, Stan is almost late to his Guitar Hero concert, with Kincade being forced to retrieve him. At the concert, Stan is visibly exhausted and disheveled. Kincade, with what little faith he has left in the boy, believes in Stan to succeed in earning 1,000,000 points. Unfortunately, Stan fails, as expected, causing the crowd to boo, Kincade to give up on him, and the record producer to lose faith in Kincade.

Kincade and his agency have yet to reappear on South Park.


Charles Kincade wears brown, loafer-style shoes, white slacks, and a yellow turtleneck shirt over a teal sport coat. He has styled, light-brown hair, thin eyebrows, and few wrinkles on his face and cheeks.



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