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Chaos Minions are employees of Professor Chaos, appearing in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The faction is made up of four distinct groups; schoolchildren, Mexican men, hamsters, and dogs.

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Prior to The Hundred Hands of Chaos mission, it is learnt that the patches of "lava" (essentially red Lego blocks) found around South Park had been laid by Professor Chaos's minions.

The Chaos Minions are later encountered during The Hundred Hands of Chaos mission, where Professor Chaos keep many of them in the U-STOR-IT storage facility, guarding meth tweakers that were tasked by an anonymous leader to lace alcoholic drinks with cat urine. When the Coon and Friends faction discover many trucks loaded with "lava", they are interrupted by Professor Chaos's arrival, who has taken the form of a "Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme" made up of several Mexican minions and dogs as its limbs.

Following Professor Chaos's defeat, he is taken into the Coon Lair, but quickly gets released after he agrees to help the New Kid spy on the Freedom Pals. Professor Chaos's unfortunately gets grounded while trying to retrieve his hamster minions at the Stotch Residence, but is saved by the New Kid when the latter decides to project a minion onto the room's door locking system, unlocking the Haywire buddy power.

During Always Bet on Chaos side mission, Professor Chaos will unlock a new ability known as "Chaos Minion", which is essentially summoning a Mexican minion into combat. This minion lasts for only three turns, has only one ability, and carries 600 HP.


Each minion wears a tin foil hat, black eye mask, black shirt, black pants, and a tin foil bib displaying a unique number (e.g. Chaos #13).



  • Chaos Chomp: Damage a nearby target.


  • Sniper Ranged: Exclusive to Chaos Sniper.
  • Foot of Chaos: Exclusive to Chaos Bruiser.
  • Turbo Clubs: Exclusive to Mecha Minion.