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| align="center" | [[File:TheHobbit00048.png|120px|link=The Hobbit]]
| align="center" | [[File:TheHobbit00048.png|120px|link=The Hobbit]]
| align="center" | "[[The Hobbit]]"
| align="center" | "[[The Hobbit]]"
| align="center" | The Channel interviews wendy about her fight against photoshop, then accuses her of being jelly and wants to send her to jelly school.
| align="center" | The Channel interviews Wendy about her fight against photoshop, then accuses her of being jelly and wants to send her to jelly school.

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The Channel 4 News Anchor Team.

For other news channels, see List of News Channels.

The Channel 4 News is a news cable television network seen in 68 episodes. It first appeared in the Season One episode, "Volcano".


Channel 4 News is one of the more popular news channels watched in South Park.


The Channel 9 Morning intro.

Channel 9 News

The Channel 9 News is a sister news channel, using the same news anchors and field reporters.

Picture kug

The South Park Evening News Logo.

South Park Evening News

The South Park Evening News is the evening program for South Park. The head anchor was originally Tom Pusslicker, but he was later replaced by Tom Thompson. In Season Seventeen, his sister and lover, Tammy Thompson, joins him.

List of Reporters


Season One

Image Episode Description
CH4S01E03 "Volcano" The first time seeing the channel, the channel is recording live on the scene, documenting the South Park people as they are trying to avoid a fiery doom.
CH4S01E05 "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" The channel is reporting Stan Marsh, they confuse Clone Stan Marsh for Stan, is causing the destruction of the town.
CH4S01E06 "Death" The channel is reporting on the adults of South Park in their effort to take Terrance and Phillip off the air for it's vulgarity.
CH4S01E07 "Pinkeye" The channel reports on the MIR Space Station crashing and the "Pinkeye" Epidemic.
CH4S01E10 "Damien" The Channel and others are interviewing Satan about the fight between Jesus and himself.
CH4S01E12 "Mecha-Streisand" The Channel reports on how Kyle found a triangle.

Season Two

Image Episode Description
CH4S02E03 "Chickenlover" The Channel reports on Officer Barbrady's leave of absence, which quickly turns into a report on Anarchy and as the report goes on various things are stolen inside the Channel 4 News HQ.
CH4S02E07 "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)" The Channel reports on the increased number of children running away, this report rolls right into the music video Runaway, Come Home.
CH4S02E08 "Summer Sucks" The Channel reports on the Giant Snake and advises everyone to stay inside and not ever light another snake in the near future.
CH4S02E09 "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls" The Channel reports on South Park's first annual film festival and the reporter proclaims that the town is peaceful and ordinary.
CH4S02E11 "Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods" The Channel reports on how the Tantalus V. Observatory is getting more popular.
CH4S02E14 "Chef Aid" The Channel reports on how Chef finally got his name in the credits of the song, "Stinky Britches".
CH4S02E18 "Prehistoric Ice Man" The Channel reports on how Kyle found a prehistoric ice man who has been frozen for over 32 MONTHS!

Season Three

Image Episode Description
CH4S03E02 "Spontaneous Combustion" The Channel talks to Randy Marsh: Son of a Bitch.
CH4S03E06 "Sexual Harassment Panda" The Channel reports on the mother of all trials: everyone vs. everyone!
CH4S03E14 "The Red Badge of Gayness" The Channel reports on the confederates going across the country.
CH4S03E16 "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus The Channel reports on how Jesus had pulled through this millennium, and if he'll see his shadow.
CH4S03E17 "World Wide Recorder Concert" The Channel reports on how everyone on Earth just shit their pants.

Season Four

Image Episode Description
CH4S04E01 "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000" The Channel makes a fake report to lure the kids into a trap.
120px "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" The Channel reports on the epic car chase that Cartman is ensuing.
CH4S04E04 "Quintuplets 2000" The Channel reports on how the Quintuplets are adapting.
CH4S04E07 "Chef Goes Nanners" The Channel interviews several people on the topic of the South Park Flag.
CH4S04E11 "Fourth Grade" The Channel reports on the desperate attempt to rescue Timmy.
CH4S04E17 "A Very Crappy Christmas" The Channel interviews people on why they think the holiday season is going downhill.

Season Five

Image Episode Description
CH4S05E01 "It Hits the Fan" The Channel reports on how the word "shit" is becoming more common and about the weird intestines sickness.
CH4S05E02 "Cripple Fight" The Channel reports on how celebrities around the world are supporting gays in scouts.
CH4S05E05 "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" The Channel reports about Earth Day.
CH4S05E10 "How to Eat with Your Butt" The Channel is one of the many channels recording the reunion of The Child and his parents.
CH4S05E11 "The Entity" The Channel reports about the new vehicle: It
Neighborhoodcomes "Here Comes the Neighborhood" The Channel broadcasts the protest that the "richards" are holding.
CH4S05E14 "Butters' Very Own Episode" The Channel reports on some Puerta-Rican guy and his kidnapping of Butters.

Season Six

Image Episode Description
CH4S06E01 "Jared Has Aides" The Channel reports on Jared's crazy plan!
CH4S06E04 "Fun with Veal" The Channel reports on the boys' Eco-Terrorism.
CH4S06E07 "The Simpsons Already Did It" The Channel reports on the missing head of the statue; a reference to The Simpsons.
CH4S06E08 "Red Hot Catholic Love" The Channel reports about the new way to ingest food: Intero-rectogestion.
CH4S06E11 "Child Abduction is Not Funny" The Channel reports on who not to trust when it comes to Child Abduction.
CH4S06E12 "A Ladder to Heaven" The Channel reports about the Ladder to Heaven that pulls at everyone's heart strings.
CH4S06E16 "My Future Self n' Me" The Channel makes fake reports to help Motivation Corp. This is the second time Channel 4 News has made fake news reports.

Season Seven

Image Episode Description
CH4S07E02 "Krazy Kripples" The Channel makes reports about Christopher Reeve's progress in his long recovery, by the end Christopher Reeve is evil and Gene Hackman is good, and the reporter even states that if irony was strawberries, we'd be drinking a lot of smoothies.
CH4S07E04 "I'm a Little Bit Country" The Channel documents the town's decision on whether to support our troops or bring them home.
CH4S07E07 "Red Man's Greed" The Channel reports on the town trying to keep South Park from the Indians, I mean Native Americans.
CH4S07E10 "Grey Dawn" The Channel reports about the senior citizens bad driving.
CH4S07E11 "Casa Bonita" The Channel documents the search for Butters Stotch.

Season Eight

Image Episode Description
CH4S08E13 "Cartman's Incredible Gift" The Channel reports on the many supposed Copycat killers of the Left Hand Killer.

Season Nine

Image Episode Description
 CH4S09E02  "Die Hippie, Die"  The Channel reports on the huge hippie pride rally.
 CH4S09E06  "The Death of Eric Cartman"  The Channel reports about the hostage crisis.
 CH4S09E08  "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow"  The Channel reports on the supposed raping and killing that is taking place in Beaverton.
 CH4S09E14  "Bloody Mary"  The Channel reports on the Statue of Mary's period.

Season Ten

Image Episode Description
CH4S10E03 "Cartoon Wars Part I" The Channel reports on the protest rallies in the Middle East.

Season Twelve

Image Episode Description
CH4S12E06 "Over Logging" The Channel tries to get the news but they have no internet

Season Thirteen

Image Episode Description
CH4S13E12 "The F Word" The Channel reports on what kids deem the meaning of the word "Fag" is.

Season Fourteen

Image Episode Description
CH4S14E01 "Sexual Healing" This Channel along with others are recording the PSA for men who are sex addicts.
CH4S14E02 "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" The Channel talks about how well the book is doing.
CH4S14E11 "Coon 2: Hindsight" The Channel tells that Cthulhu will bring about 1,000 years of darkness.
CH4S14E12 "Mysterion Rises" The Channel talks about how Coon and Friends is being a little super-human themselves.
CH4S14E13 "Coon vs. Coon & Friends" The Channel reports various crimes that Cartman and Cthulhu are committing.

Season Fifteen

Image Episode Description
CH4S15E12 "1%" The Channel talks about the 99% rally.

Season Sixteen

Image Episode Description
CH4NEWSTSA "Reverse Cowgirl" The Channel reports on the terrorism committed by Cartman.
CH4S16E03 "Faith Hilling" The Channel talks about the various types of memes.
Sarcastaball News "Sarcastaball" A news story about Randy Marsh and the dangers of childhood football injuries.
RaisingtheBar00012 "Raising the Bar" A news story focusing on the wide use of mobility scooters by overweight persons.
GoingNative00046 "Going Native" Reports on the insurrection in the Hawaiian Islands. The sinking of a cruise ship, and the newscaster's skepticism about President Barack Obama's claim he is a Hawaiian native.
ScauseForApplause00004 "A Scause For Applause" The channel reports that Jesus Christ performed miracles with using the drug HGH.
CH4NS16E14 "Obama Wins!" The channel reports on Barack Obama's winning of the election.

Season Seventeen

Image Episode Description
CH4NS17E01 "Let Go, Let Gov" The Channel reports on the DMV, the Post Office, and themselves committing child molestation.
WorldWarZimmerman00084 "World War Zimmerman" The Channel reports on the end of the apocalypse, George Zimmerman being executed, and Cartman, who Zimmerman shot.
BlackFriday00009 "Black Friday" The Channel reports on the upcoming Black Friday sales.
SongofAssandFire00033 "A Song of Ass and Fire" The Channel's active reporter,Niles Lawson, sides with both Microsoft and Sony to stir up the upcoming war in South Park.
TittiesandDragons00051 "Titties and Dragons" The Channel documents the night of Black Friday.
TheHobbit00048 "The Hobbit" The Channel interviews Wendy about her fight against photoshop, then accuses her of being jelly and wants to send her to jelly school.


Image Episode Description
CH4SPBLU "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" The Channel gives an emergency broadcast. 
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