Cave of the Winds was featured in the Season Ten episode, "ManBearPig".


Al Gore visits South Park in search of the ManBearPig creature. Al Gore and the boys "track" the creature to the tourist location, Cave of the Winds. Once inside, Al Gore scares all of the tourists away with his Manbearpig story and causes a cave-in by shooting his shotgun in an attempt to draw the creature out. The boys become trapped inside the cave and Gore floods the cave with water from a nearby river.

Smuggler's Den

Cartman discovers a treasure of gold, jewels, and coins within the cave. He plans on stealing the gold by swallowing it, but when the cave begins to fill up with water, he becomes too heavy and sluggish to swim. Kyle saves his life by pulling him to safety, as they break through a weak point in the cave wall. The treasure turns out to be fake treasure props for the amusement of tourists.


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