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Catatafish first appeared in the Season Six episode, "The Death Camp of Tolerance". He helped Lemmiwinks and presumably Paris Hilton escape Mr. Slave's digestive system.


In "Bass to Mouth", Catatafish appears to the South Park Elementary students and tells them all about Wikileaks. He also tells them that he too was a victim of cyberbullying because Wikileaks allegedly published a false story about Catatafish having sex with an underage fish and making her perform a sex act called "bass to mouth." He insists that the act was consensual. Catatafish tells the students to get Lemmiwinks so they can stop Wikileaks from posting a story on the internet that would destroy the reputation of South Park Elementary forever.


Catatafish is a ghostly wizard catfish wearing a samurai helmet and armor shoulder pads. He uses his pectoral fins as arms. He wears a katana in its sheath, and often carries a trident, a pistol, or both. He appears to be an older catfish judging by his long whiskers and the timbre of his voice.



  • In "The Death Camp of Tolerance", Catatafish can be seen holding a handgun. However, he does not have it in "Bass to Mouth", instead holding a trident. In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, he has both the handgun and the trident.
  • Sparrow Prince claims that he had been stuck in Mr. Slave's body for years prior Lemmiwinks meeting him there, meaning it could be that he alongside the Frog King and Catatafish were also once inserted as normal animals (whose skeletons can be seen near his anus area) into Mr. Slave's ass before they died there.


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